Longgan Lake

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Longgan Lake
Coordinates 29°56′N 116°09′E / 29.933°N 116.150°E / 29.933; 116.150Coordinates: 29°56′N 116°09′E / 29.933°N 116.150°E / 29.933; 116.150
Basin countries China
Max. length 29.5 km (18 mi)
Max. width 21.1 km (13 mi)
Surface area 316.2 km2 (100 sq mi)
Average depth 3.78 m (12 ft)
Max. depth 4.58 m (15 ft)
Water volume 1,196×10^6 m3 (42.2×10^9 cu ft)
Surface elevation 15 m (49 ft)

Longgan Lakesimplified Chinese: 龙感湖; traditional Chinese: 龍感湖; pinyin: Lónggǎn Hú)is a freshwater lake in China, divided between Susong County of Anhui Province and Huangmei County of Hubei Province. The lake is situated near the north bank of the middle reaches of Yangtze River, opposite Poyang Lake (which is south of the Yangtze).

At present, the lake's water surface area is 316.2 km2.[1] It is an important marsh protective area.


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