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Science and Technology Park is a technology park in Longhua Town, Shenzhen, in the south of China, that is Foxconn's largest factory site worldwide.

The park produces the bulk of Apple's iPhone line.[1] Hundreds of thousands of workers (varying counts include 230,000,[1] 300,000,[2] and 450,000[3]) are employed at the site, a walled campus[4] sometimes referred to as “Foxconn City”.[5] Covering about 1.16 square miles (3 square km),[6] it includes 15 factories,[5] worker dormitories, 4 swimming pools,[7] a fire brigade,[4] its own television network (Foxconn TV),[4] and a city centre with a grocery store, bank, restaurants, bookstore, and hospital.[4] While some workers live in surrounding towns and villages, others live and work inside the complex;[8] a quarter of the employees live in the dormitories, and many of them work up to 12 hours a day for 6 days each week.[1]


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