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"Togireta Melody" version
Single by X Japan
from the album Dahlia
Released August 1, 1995
December 11, 1995
Recorded One on One Recording Studios, O'Henry Sound Studios
Genre Rock
Length 15:25/15:24
Label Atlantic
Producer(s) Yoshiki
Certification Platinum (RIAJ) (1st single)
X Japan singles chronology
"Rusty Nail"
Alternative cover
"Setsubou no Yoru" version

"Longing" is a song by Japanese heavy metal band X Japan, written by Yoshiki. The song is a ballad that has been released in several versions, most notably in two different single variations. The first, "Longing ~Togireta Melody~" (Longing ~跡切れたmelody~?), was released on August 1, 1995 and reached the number 1 spot on the Oricon chart. The second, "Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~" (Longing ~切望の夜~?), came out on December 11, 1995 and reached number 5.


The song was first released as a demo tape titled "Longing ~Togireta Melody~", which was given out at X Japan's December 30-31, 1994 Tokyo Dome concerts. The demo also included a recording of the band practicing "Longing", "Break the Darkness", "Scars" and "Dahlia". In 2007, this demo tape was re-released on CD in the Aoi Yoru Shiroi Yoru Complete Edition, a DVD set of the two concerts where it was first released.[1]

The first single of the song, released on August 1, 1995, is very similar to the demo and as such shares the same name. Although it is nearly a minute longer and includes drums, which the demo lacked. This is the version of the song that was included on the album, Dahlia. Released on December 11, 1995, the second single "Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~", only includes Toshi's vocals and a symphony, and is much more melancholic than the other. This single's third track is another version of the song, where, instead of Toshi singing, Yoshiki reads the lyrics as one would a poem.

David Lynch directed a television commercial to promote "Togireta Melody", shot on a beach in Malibu, it only features Yoshiki. He also created a music video for "Setsubou no Yoru", that was recorded in a Los Angeles studio and at Coyote Dry Lake, though it has never been released. Yoshiki would create another orchestrated instrumental version of the song, simply titled "Longing", for his 2005 solo album Eternal Melody II.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Yoshiki

"Togireta Melody" version
No. Title Length
1. "Longing ~Togireta Melody~" (Longing ~跡切れたmelody~) 7:45
2. "Longing ~Togireta Melody~ (Original Karaoke)" (Longing ~跡切れたmelody~ (Original Karaoke)) 7:40
"Setsubou no Yoru" version
No. Title Length
1. "Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~" (Longing ~切望の夜~) 4:59
2. "Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~ (Original Karaoke)" (Longing ~切望の夜~ (Original Karaoke)) 5:28
3. "Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~ (The Poem)" (Longing ~切望の夜~ (The Poem)) 4:57

Commercial performance[edit]

The first single "Longing ~Togireta Melody~" reached number 1 on the Oricon charts, and charted for 11 weeks.[3] In 1995, with 476,170 copies sold it was the 76th best-selling single of the year, being certified Platinum by RIAJ. The second single, "Longing ~Setsubou no Yoru~", reached number 5 on the chart and charted for 7 weeks.[3]


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