Longjing, Hangzhou

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Tea plantation in Longjing

Longjing (simplified Chinese: 龙井; traditional Chinese: 龍井; pinyin: Lóngjǐng), literally "dragon well", is a name applied to a number of locations and products from the southwestern region of the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, China. Most notably, the name refers to the titular Dragon Well itself, located near Longjing village (simplified Chinese: 龙井村; traditional Chinese: 龍井村; pinyin: lóngjǐng cūn) in Xihu District, as well as the area encompassing the well and the Longjing tea famously grown there.

The Dragon Well region consists of a number of villages, tea plantations, tea houses, parks, and a temple. The area is popular for drinking and buying tea as well as visiting the Eight Scenes of the Dragon Well (龙井八景).

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