Longjing District

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Longjing District
Longjing District in Taichung City
Longjing District in Taichung City
Coordinates: 24°12′36.1″N 120°31′4.8″E / 24.210028°N 120.518000°E / 24.210028; 120.518000Coordinates: 24°12′36.1″N 120°31′4.8″E / 24.210028°N 120.518000°E / 24.210028; 120.518000
Country Taiwan
Region Western Taichung
 • Mayor 陳嘉榮
 • Total 38.04 km2 (14.69 sq mi)
Population (January 2016)
 • Total 76,696
 • Rank 15 out of 29[1]
 • Density 2,000/km2 (5,200/sq mi)
Postal code 434
Website www.longjing.taichung.gov.tw
Longjing District. The Taichung Power Plant could be seen on the right.
Longjing District office

Longjing District (Chinese: 龍井區; pinyin: Lóngjǐng Qū) is a coastal suburban district in western Taichung, Taiwan.


Longjing shares borders with Wuqi and Shalu to the north, Xitun to the east, the Pacific to the west, Dadu and Shengang in Changhua County to the south. The eastern part of Longjing is located on the Dadu Plateau.

Name and history[edit]

The area was originally occupied by the aboriginal Papora people. The term Longjing (龍井) means "Dragon Well"; a well is located in the area. Prior to Japanese rule, the district was called "Chie Tou Village" (茄投庄). During Japanese rule over Taiwan the district was renamed to Longjing (龍井), taken from the name of a famous well in the area named Dragon Eye Well (龍目井)[2]

Dragon Eye Well is located in Longquan Village, under an old camphor tree. One of the Qing governors of Changhua recorded that the well's water was cool and refreshing, and the atmosphere was serene around the well. The name "Dragon Eye" comes from the two rocks around the well that makes it look like a dragon.[3]

Administrative divisions [1][edit]

English Name Chinese Name
Zhukeng Village 竹坑里
Longtung Village 龍東里
Longxi Village 龍西里
Tianzhong Village 田中里
Lishui Village 麗水里
Longjin Village 龍津里
Sande Village 三德里
Zhonghe Village 忠和里
Shanjiao Village 山腳里
Longquan Village 龍泉里
Longgang Village 龍崗里
Xinzhuang Village 新庄里
Nanjiao Village 南寮里
Tunghai Village 東海里
Xintung Village 新東里


Longjing houses Taichung Power Plant, the world's largest coal-fired power plant.


The district is served by a variety of national roads.

The district can be reached by rail through TRA Longjing Station.

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