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Jiangsu Lemote Tech Co., Ltd
IndustryIntegrated circuit design, computer hardware, computer software
FoundedJune 2006; 13 years ago (2006-06)
HeadquartersChangshu, Jiangsu, China[1]
ProductsMIPS64 Loongson based motherboards, personal computers

Jiangsu Lemote Tech Co., Ltd or Lemote (Chinese: 航天龙梦; pinyin: hang tian lóng mèng; literally: 'Aerospace Dragon Dream') is a computer company established as a joint venture between the Jiangsu Menglan Group and the Chinese Institute of Computing Technology,[2] involved in computer hardware and software products, services, and projects.


In June 2006, shortly after Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed Loongson 2E they need a company to build end product, so the Jiangsu Menglan Group began a joint venture with the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The venture was named Jiangsu Lemote Tech Co., Ltd.

A computer was announced by Fuxin Zhang, an ICT researcher also a Lemote staff, who said the purpose of this project was to "provide everyone with a personal computer".[3] The device is intended for low income groups and rural area students.


Lemote builds small form factor computers including network computers and netbooks with Loongson Processors.

Netbook computers[edit]

Lemote Yeeloong 8101B

The Yeeloong netbook computer is intended to be built on free software[4] from the BIOS upwards, and for this reason is used and recommended by the founder of Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman as of September 2008[5] and 23 January 2010.[6][7]

The specifications are:

Model 8101B 8089B 8089D
Processor Loongson 2F, 800-900 MHz, integrated DDR2 SDRAM memory controller
Chipset Northbridge: integrated in CPU
Southbridge: AMD CS5536
Graphics SiliconMotion SMI712, 4 MiB of video RAM
Memory DDR2 SDRAM 1024 MB
Hard drive Serial ATA 160 GB Solid-state drive 8 GB
Audio Speaker, Microphone
Network RTL8139 + RTL8187B(wifi), 10/100Mbit, 802.11 b/g
Screen size 10.1" TFT LCD 8.9" TFT LCD
Resolution 1024 x 600
Camera 300K pixel
Operating system Red Flag Linux, Debian, FSF distributions
Interface type 3x USB 2.0 2x USB 2.0
1x VGA, 1x RJ45, 1x DC-in
Earphone + Microphone, 1x SD (reader supports SDHC)
Dimension L × H × T = 255 × 188 × 250 mm
Weight 1.1 kg

Loongson 3A laptop[edit]

Loongson insiders[8] revealed a new model based on the Loongson 3A quad-core laptop has been developed and was expected to launch in August 2011. With a similar design to the MacBook Pro[9] from Apple Inc., it will carry a Linux operating system by default.[10]

In September 2011, Lemote announced the Yeeloong-8133 13.3" laptop featuring 900 MHz, quad-core Loongson-3A/2GQ CPU.[11]

Desktop computers[edit]

  • Lynloong, all-in-one desktop computer, combined computer and monitor, without keyboard.
  • Myloong, desktop diskless network computer (NC), without monitor or keyboard.
  • Fuloong, see below.

Products in development[edit]

Hiloong, SOHO and family storage center.[citation needed][clarification needed]

Fuloong 2 series of small desktop computers[edit]

The Fuloong 2 series is a desktop computer that costs CN¥1,015, 100, US$131.[citation needed] It ships with two Linux distributions, Debian GNU/Linux and Rays Linux, but any other distribution that has a mipsel port can be installed, e.g. Gentoo Linux.

Fuloong 2E[edit]

Lemote Fuloong 2E
Lemote Fuloong 2E
ManufacturerMenglan Group
TypePersonal computer
Media40–60 GB IDE hard disk
Operating systemGNU/Linux (Xinhua, Sunwah/RAYS, or Debian)
CPULoongson III 64-bit CPU
Memory256 MiB DDR SDRAM
Connectivity10/100 Mb/s Ethernet
  • 181 mm (7.1 in) H
  • 145 mm (5.7 in) W
  • 37 mm (1.5 in) D

The reference hardware specifications as of 28 October 2006 are:

Fuloong 2F[edit]

The Fuloong 2F computer[12] was released on 30 June 2008, priced at ¥1,800, about €163, $257.

The specifications are:

  • Dimensions: 19 × 14.5 × 3.7 cm
  • CPU: Loongson 2F, integrated DDR2 controller
  • Clock speed: 1 GHz
  • Southbridge: AMD CS5536
  • DDR2 SDRAM: 512MB
  • Hard disk: IDE 120 GB
  • Video card: XGA V2, 32MB video RAM, with VGA, DVI and S-video ports
  • Network controller: Ethernet, Realtek RTL 8110SC, 1000Mbit/s
  • USB ports: 2.0, 4
  • Infrared receiver
  • Power supply: external 12 V power adapter
  • Operating system: Xinhua Hualay Rays 2.0, which is a Linux distribution that supports MIPS architecture. Fuloong 2F also works well with other Linux distributions,[12] OpenBSD,[13] and NetBSD.[14]

Fuloong Mini-PC[edit]

The specifications are:

Model FL6004 FL6014 FL6005 FL6015
Processor Loongson 2F, 800 900 MHz, integrated DDRII memory controller
Chipset Northbridge: integrated in CPU
Southbridge: AMD CS5536
Graphics Silicon Integrated Systems 315PRO,[15] 32 MB video memory
Memory DDRII 512 MB, support up to 1 GB
Hard drive SATA 160 or 320 GB SSD 8 GB SATA 160 GB SSD 8 GB
Audio AC'97 Realtek ALC 655
Network Realtek RTL 8110SC 1000 Mbit/s
Operating system Redflag Linux, Debian
Interface type 4 USB2.0
IR interface -
Dimension L × H × T = 181 × 145 × 37 mm
Weight 0.78 kg


Lemote has participated in development and MIPS-porting of Debian GNU/Linux, eCos, MicroC/OS-II, VxWorks, Microsoft Windows CE, Java, OpenOffice.org and Yongzhong Office by Wuxi Yongzhong Tech Co. It also develops a Loongson processor simulator based on GXemul. In part to its ability to run only libre software, without proprietary binary blobs, Richard Stallman famously used the Lemote Yeelong.[16]

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