Longnan County

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Guanxi Xinwei, a Hakka walled village
Location within Jiangxi
Location within Jiangxi
Coordinates: 25°54′38″N 114°47′10″E / 25.9106°N 114.786°E / 25.9106; 114.786Coordinates: 25°54′38″N 114°47′10″E / 25.9106°N 114.786°E / 25.9106; 114.786
Country People's Republic of China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Ganzhou
Postal Code 341700

Longnan County (simplified Chinese: 龙南县; traditional Chinese: 龍南縣; pinyin: Lóngnán Xiàn) is a county under the jurisdiction of Ganzhou Municipality, in the far southwest of Jiangxi province, China, bordering Guangdong province to the south.

Traditional vernacular architecture[edit]

Longnan County is notable for the variety of traditional Hakka walled villages in Jiangxi.[1] [2] By one count, there are around 370 of them within the county's boundaries.[1] They are known locally as weiwu () or wei ();[1] Longnan is also regarded as "the Hometown of Weiwu in China" 新华网-客家围屋之乡. Some of the most famous weiwu are Guangxi Wei 百度百科-关西围屋 and Yanyiwei.关西围屋与燕翼围 Some researchers call them "Jiangxi tulou" (literally, "[tall] earthen buildings"), as opposed to the better known Fujian tulou.[3]

Famous people from Longnan[edit]


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