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Longridge Circuit
Longridge track layout
LocationLongridge, Lancashire, England
Race lap record(Kim Mather, F1 BRM P153, 1973 [1])

Longridge Circuit was a motor racing circuit built in the former Tootle Heights quarry close to Longridge, Lancashire, England. This circuit may be unique in the world in being the only motor racing track situated in a quarry.[2]

The roads used for the extremely short circuit were already in place when racing started in 1973, although sprint events were held prior to this. Racing continued until 1978 on this 0.43 miles (0.69 km) long circuit, which meant that starters was limited to a maximum of 10.

In 1978 the site was sold, which caused considerable ill-feeling amongst those who organised the sport for both two and four wheels for they were not informed of the impending sale, and consequent loss of the venue as plans for 1979 were being laid.[2]


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Coordinates: 53°50′13″N 2°35′13″W / 53.83694°N 2.58694°W / 53.83694; -2.58694