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The Longuet-Higgins Prize is an award given annually by the Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence of the IEEE Computer Society at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), for 'Fundamental contributions in Computer Vision'. The award recognizes CVPR papers from ten years ago that have made a significant impact on computer vision research. The award is named after theoretical chemist and cognitive scientist H. Christopher Longuet-Higgins.

Longuet-Higgins Prize recipients[edit]

  • 2018 -
    • Pedro Felzenszwalb, David McAllester, Deva Ramanan. "A Discriminatively Trained, Multiscale, Deformable Part Model," CVPR 2008.
  • 2017 -
    • James Philbin, Ondrej Chum, Michael Isard, Josef Sivic, Andrew Zisserman. "Object Retrieval with Large Vocabularies and Fast Spatial Matching," CVPR 2007.
  • 2016 -
    • Svetlana Lazebnik, Cordelia Schmid, and Jean Ponce, "Beyond Bags of Features: Spatial Pyramid Matching for Recognizing Natural Scene Categories", CVPR 2006.
    • David Nistér and Henrik Stewénius, "Scalable Recognition with a Vocabulary Tree", CVPR 2006.
  • 2015 –
    • Navneet Dalal and Bill Triggs, "Histograms of oriented gradients for human detection", CVPR 2005.
    • Antoni Buades, Bartomeu Coll, and Jean-Michel Morel, "A non-local algorithm for image denoising", CVPR 2005.
  • 2014 –
    • Krystian Mikolajczyk and Cordelia Schmid, "A Performance Evaluation of Local Descriptors", CVPR 2003.
  • 2013 –
  • 2011 –
  • 2010 –
    • Pedro F. Felzenszwalb and Daniel P. Huttenlocher, "Efficient Matching of Pictorial Structures", CVPR 2000.
    • Dorin Comaniciu, Visvanathan Ramesh, and Peter Meer, "Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects Using Mean Shift", CVPR 2000.
  • 2009 –
    • Jinggang Huang, David Mumford, "Statistics of Natural Images and Models", CVPR 1999.
    • Chris Stauffer, W.E.L. Grimson, "Adaptive Background Mixture Models for Real-Time Tracking", CVPR 1999.
  • 2008 –
    • Henry Schneiderman and Takeo Kanade, "Probabilistic modeling of local appearance and spatial relationships for object recognition", CVPR 1998.
    • Christoph Bregler and Jitendra Malik, "Tracking people with twists and exponential maps", CVPR 1998.
  • 2007 –
    • Jianbo Shi and Jitendra Malik, "Normalized Cuts and Image Segmentation", CVPR 1997.
    • E. Osuna, R. Freund, and F. Girosi, "Training Support Vector Machines: An Application to Face Detection", CVPR 1997.
  • 2006 –
  • 2005 –
    • David Mumford and Jayant Shah, "Boundary detection by minimizing functionals", CVPR 1985, pages 22–26.
    • Edward Adelson and John Wang, "Layered representation for motion analysis", CVPR 1993, pages 361–366.