Longyan Min

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Longyan Min
Native to China.
Region Fujian Province
Native speakers
740,000 (approx.) (date missing)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None
Linguasphere 79-AAA-jei /-jej
Hokkien Map.svg
Distribution of Hokkien dialects. Longyan Min is in yellow.

Longyan Min (龍巖閩語), is a variety of Min Chinese spoken in the eastern part of Longyan region in the southern Chinese province of Fujian. The Longyan Min people had settled in the region from southern part of Fujian Province as early as the Tang dynasty period (618–907). Longyan Min has in the past been influenced by Hakka Chinese due to large numbers of Hakka migrants into the region. As a result, it has limited intelligibility with Southern Min dialects such as Teochew and HokkienTaiwanese. Today, Longyan Min is predominantly spoken in Longyan's Xinluo District and Zhangping City. Longyan Hakka on the other hand is spoken in the rest of Longyan prefecture: Changting County, Yongding County, Shanghang County, Liancheng County and Wuping County.[1]

Branner suggests that the Xinluo and Zhangping dialects should be grouped with the Datian dialect as a coastal Min group separate from both Southern Min and Eastern Min.[2] However, he argues that the dialect of Wan'an township, in the northern part of Xinluo district, is a coastal Min variety separate from all of these.[3]


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