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Lonpos Braintelligent Co., Ltd.
genre Puzzle game
Developer Lonpos
Publisher Lonpos
Country Taiwan
Founded 1983
Website Official English website

Lonpos is a company founded in 1983 specializing in entertainment puzzle designs. All development and manufacturing procedures take place in Taiwan. Lonpos puzzles are distributed in over 40 countries.


General description[edit]

  • The Lonpos puzzle has 2D and 3D games, suitable for ages six years up to the elderly.
  • The classic Lonpos puzzle is composed of one game plate and different shapes of puzzles pieces. The player fixes some of the pieces onto the plate according to instructions, then tries to fit the other pieces into to the remaining gap.
  • Lonpos puzzles have a digital version on Nintendo WiiWare and the App Store.

Lonpos puzzles[edit]

Lonpos has designed and published a puzzle series which includes the following:

  • Lonpos Rectangular puzzle series
  • Lonpos Pyramid puzzle series
  • Lonpos Colorful Cabin puzzle series
  • Lonpos Crazy Cone puzzle series
  • Lonpos Cosmic Creature puzzle series
  • Lonpos Crazy Chain puzzle series
  • Lonpos Crazy Collect puzzle series
  • Lonpos Cubic Code puzzle series
  • Lonpos Clever Choice puzzle series
  • Lonpos Coco Cross puzzle series

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