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Look Blue Go Purple
OriginDunedin, New Zealand
Years active1983–1988
LabelsFlying Nun Records

Look Blue Go Purple was an alternative pop/rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand, together from 1983 to 1987, recognised as part of the Dunedin sound. Their first official show was at The Broome Valley Festival on March 5, 1983.[1]


Careers after Look Blue Go Purple[edit]

After the band split up, Bull went on to Cyclops, and has since recorded a solo album, Some From the Sky, under her new name Francisca Griffin. Lesley Paris went on to Olla, and now works as station manager for community radio station Otago Access Radio in Dunedin. Denise Roughan went on to play with The 3Ds and Ghost Club. Norma O'Malley was a founding member of Chug.


Release date Title Label Chart position Certification Catalog number
1985 Bewitched Flying Nun Records 21 NZ FNLGBP001
1986 LBGPEP2 Flying Nun Records 26 NZ FNLGBP002
1988 This Is This Flying Nun Records - - FN117
1986 LBGPEPs (tracks from 'Bewitched' and 'LBGPEP2') Flying Nun Records - - FNLBGP003
1991 Compilation (tracks from 'Bewitched', 'LBGPEP2' and 'This Is This') Flying Nun Records - - FNCD171
2017 Still Bewitched (tracks from 'Bewitched', 'LBGPEP2', 'This Is This' and previously unreleased live tracks) Flying Nun Records - - FN572CD

Featured compilations[edit]

The group have appeared on many compilations since 1986 in New Zealand. The following is a list of these albums that have featured tracks by Look Blue Go Purple.


  • (2004) - Second Season - Flying Nun DVD II (Flying Nun Records) (FNDVD489) - "Circumspect Penelope"
  • (2004) - Very Short Film (Flying Nun Records) - "Cactus Cat"


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