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Lookeen Desktop Search
Lookeen logo advanced search.jpg
Lookeen logo advanced search
Lookeen Desktop Search Results.png
Lookeen Desktop Search Results - Screenshot
Developer(s) Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH
Stable release / 16 Nov 2015
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English, German
Type Desktop Search, E-Mail Search
Website www.lookeen.com

Lookeen is an enterprise search and desktop search product released in 2008 by Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH.


Lookeen was developed in 2007[1] as an email search tool replacement for Lookout,[2][3] which left the market when it was purchased by Microsoft.[4] Lookeen enables users to search for files on their local drives, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server files, and any connected network drives from standard or virtual desktops.[5]

Lookeen won the About.com Reader’s Choice award for Best Outlook Add-In in 2010[6] and 2011,[7] and has been reviewed by PCMagazine,[8] The Atlantic,[9] Inc Magazine,[10] PCWorld,[11] and Ghacks,[12] among others[13][14][15] Lookeen was also one of 29 productivity apps recommended in an article on TechCrunch in September 2015.[16]

How it works[edit]

Lookeen is built upon the open source software, Lucene. The index framework builds an inverted index to allow fast full text searches within indexed content. Lookeen uses Microsoft add-in technology to integrate a search bar and ribbon into the Outlook client.

Development status[edit]

Axonic launched enterprise search capabilities in 2012 with Lookeen Server, a Microsoft server-based index which can deliver search results to multiple desktop clients. A free version, Lookeen Free, was released in 2015.[17]


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