Looking-Glass Land

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Looking-Glass Land
Location of
View of Looking-Glass Land by John Tenniel
Location of
View of Looking-Glass Land by Peter Newell
Series Through the Looking-Glass
Creator Lewis Carroll
Genre Children's book
Language(s) Looking-Glass language (mirror-image English)
Ethnic groups Whites, Reds
Government Monarchy
Looking-Glass Land
Through the Looking-Glass location
Creator Lewis Carroll
Genre Children's books
Notable locations Looking-Glass House, Garden of Live Flowers, The Old Sheep Shop, Humpty Dumpty's wall
Notable characters White Knight, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Humpty Dumpty

Looking-Glass Land is the setting for Lewis Carroll's 1871 children's novel Through the Looking-Glass.


The entire country is divided into squares by a series of little brooks with hedges growing perpendicular to them.


The land is contested by two competing factions, the Reds and the Whites. Each side has its King and Queen, bishops, knights, armies, and castles.


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