Looking Back (Leon Russell album)

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Looking Back
Studio album by Leon Russell
Released 1973
Genre Folk rock
Label Olympic Records

Looking Back is a Leon Russell solo album. Released in 1973, shortly after the success of his single "Tightrope", it contains instrumental tracks that were recorded in the mid-1960s, featuring Russell on harpsichord. Neither the record nor album sleeve give writing credits for any of the songs. There was briefly a CD reissue in 1991 on the Japanese Jimco label, with three bonus tracks.

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Review scores
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Allmusic 2/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

  1. "If I Had a Hammer"
  2. "Gospel Harp"
  3. "Greenfields"
  4. "Virginia"
  5. "Our Winter Love"
  6. "Cottonfields"
  7. "Cherry Beat"
  8. "Greenback Dollar"
  9. "Man with the Golden Gun"
  10. "Tender and Fair"

The 1991 Jimco reissue contains the following bonus tracks:

  1. "Barbados"
  2. "Ridin' West"
  3. "Walk Right In"