Lookout (horse)

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DamsireKing Alfonso
SexStallion, eventually Gelding
CountryUnited States
BreederScoggan Brothers
Owner1) Cushing & Orth
2) Joseph E. Seagram
TrainerWilliam McDaniel
Record66: 17-12-5
Major wins
Minneapolis Stakes (1892)
Gibson Stakes (1893)
Annual Stakes (1893)
Coney Island Highweight Handicap (1895) American Classic Race wins:
Kentucky Derby (1893)

Lookout (1890 in Kentucky – ?) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse that is best known for winning the 1893 Kentucky Derby.

Lookout was a chestnut colt with full (up to the knee and hock joints) white stockings on three of his legs. His sire, Troubadour, was the 1886 Suburban Handicap winner, while his damsire, King Alfonso, was a successful flat-racer and sire.[1]

Kentucky Derby[edit]

The nineteenth Derby was run on a sunny, clear day with a field of six horses.[2] A crowd of 10,000 spectators looked on in one of the biggest turnouts since the race's founding in 1875.[3] J. Cushing and J. Orth had entered two of their horses, with the other being the notoriously difficult Boundless. Lookout was ridden by Edward Kunze, and Boundless had R. Williams as his jockey. Lookout was the leader throughout the race, being continually pulled back by Kunze, and won by 5 lengths.[3] Plutus, Boundless, and Buck McCann (son of 1884 winner Buchanan) finished second, third, and fourth.

Later career[edit]

Lookout was gelded[4] and was sold to Canadian Joseph E. Seagram, founder of the Seagram Distillery and a major Thoroughbred owner/breeder. The last record of him racing was in a September 1896 race where he finished last.[5] Lookout is rumored to have been killed in 1897 while participating in a steeplechase.[1]


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