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Lookout Mobile Security
Industry Computer software, Security software, Mobile Security
Founded United States
Headquarters United States
Products Lookout Mobile Security
Website www.lookout.com

Lookout Mobile Security (previously known as Flexilis[1] ) is a San Francisco-based mobile security startup.

Lookout's flagship product is its mobile security apps for iOS and Android devices. Lookout apps include Antivirus Free - Lookout for Android and Lookout Mobile Security - Free for iOS. Plan B, an application that can be remotely installed to locate lost devices is available on Android. The Antivirus Free edition is upgradeable to a premium version which includes a phishing and malicious website blocker, privacy advisor, photo and call history backup, device-to-device data transfer, remote locking and wiping, and support services.[2]

Lookout was noted in CNET's favorite Android Apps by CNET blogger Scott Webster in July 2011.[3] CNET readers selected Lookout as their number three favorite Android app.[4] In September 2011, Lookout was listed in VentureWire's 2011 FASTech 50: Most Innovative Technology Startups.[5] PC Magazine also gave it an Editor's Choice award.[6]

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