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Loop Guru
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Worldbeat
Years active 1985–present
Members Salman Gita (born Sam Dodson)
Jamuud (born David Muddyman)

Loop Guru is a worldbeat group consisting of bassist/guitarist Salman Gita (born Sam Dodson) and programmer Jamuud (born David Muddyman).[1] They first met around 1980 and initially played together in The Transmitters and released their debut single as Loop Guru, Shrine, in 1992. The band's music is a melange of Asian and Western music, infusing Western dance beats with the rich textures and sounds of Indonesian gamelan and traditional Indian music. Heavy emphasis is placed on electronic samples of traditional instruments, voices, and miscellaneous sounds.

Loop Guru's main exuberant oeuvre of lively rhythms and effusive sounds is occasionally punctuated by more contemplative albums (e.g., The Third Chamber) that are reminiscent and influenced by ambient music and similar to musical artists such as Brian Eno and Jon Hassell. Past and present guest musicians and collaborators include Natacha Atlas, Sussan Deyhim, Mad Jym, Count Dubulah (also known as Nick Page, Psycho Karaoke and Dub Colossus) and Cat von Trapp.

Loop Guru is a cross-language pun with the French "loup garou" meaning "werewolf".




  • Shrine / Mrabat (1992)
  • Paradigm Shuffle / Hope(1993)
  • Sussantics (1993)
  • Shrinic Visions ep (1994)
  • The Third Chamber (hour-long "single") (1995)
  • Through Cinemas (1995)
  • Possible Futures: Fourplay (1995)
  • Sheikh (1996)
  • Skin Heaven (1997)


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