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Coat of arms of Loosdrecht
Coat of arms
Location of Loosdrecht
Country Netherlands
Province Noord-Holland
Municipality Wijdemeren

Loosdrecht is a village in the municipality of Wijdemeren, North Holland, Netherlands.[1]

Loosdrecht consists of two small villages, Nieuw- (new) and Oud- (old) Loosdrecht. Nieuw Loosdrecht is a densely populated urbanization; Oud-Loosdrecht consists mainly of lakeside villas.

Until 2002 Loosdrecht was a separate municipality in the province of Utrecht, covering the villages of Oud-Loosdrecht and Nieuw-Loosdrecht, and the hamlets Breukeleveen, Muyeveld, and Boomhoek.

Loosdrecht is known for its beautiful lakes, the Loosdrechtse Plassen, which thousands of tourists visit every year. The lakes are a hotspot for the well-to-do, with several exclusive yachting clubs and restaurants lining the shores. Smaller boats can visit the Vuntus and other quieter lakes on the northern side of Loosdrecht, connected to the main lakes through a small underpass.

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Coordinates: 52°13′N 5°04′E / 52.217°N 5.067°E / 52.217; 5.067