Screwballs II

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Loose Screws
Loose Screws.jpg
Directed by Rafal Zielinski
Produced by Maurice Edward Smith
Written by Michael Cory, Linda Shayne, Jim Wynorski
Starring Bryan Genesse, Lance Van Der Kolk
Music by Fred Mollin
Cinematography Robin Miller
Edited by Stephan Fanfara
Distributed by Concorde Pictures
Lightning Video
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Severin Films
Release date
Running time
92 minutes
Language English

Screwballs II, also known as Loose Screws, is an 1985 comedy film.[1] It is a sequel to Screwballs.[1]

Cast and crew[edit]


Brad Lovett, Steve Hardman, Hugh G. Rection, and Marvin Eatmore are four get-nowhere boys who are forced into summer school, ending up at Cockswell Academy under the supervision of Principal Arsenault. The boys play a game where they earn points for every girl with which they score. On misadventures of their own, they decide to go for the ultimate 100-point score, Mona Lott, the new French teacher. But when they're unable to get a shot at her, they end up in the unforgiving clutches of the principal. After all is lost, they take one final chance during the school's anniversary celebration.


The soundtrack was handled by Fred Mollin; it includes songs by The Nu Kats.

  1. "Changing" (Demi Moore - Freddy Moore) - The Nu Kats
  2. "Circular Impressions" - (Denis Keldie - L. Stevenson) - The Extras
  3. "Summer Fun" - (Bill King) - Bill King Quartet
  4. "Jump For Joy" - (Tim Ryan - Jonathan Goldsmith - Kerry Crawford) - Tim Ryan
  5. "Dance The Screw" - (Errol Francis - Susan Francis) - Errol Francis and the Francis Factor
  6. "ance Tonight" - (Errol Francis) - Errol Francis and the Francis Factor
  7. "Do The Screw" - (Fred Mollin) - Meyer and Kronke
  8. "School Break" - (Errol Francis - Susan Francis - Mark Francis) - Errol Francis and the Francis Factor
  9. "Screw It" - (Denis Keldie - L. Stevenson) - Denis Keldie


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