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Loot 2012 film.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Nischal Basnet
Produced by Madhav Wagle
Narendra Maharjan
Screenplay by Nischal Basnet
Starring Saugat Malla
Dayahang Rai
Karma Shakya
Praween Khatiwada
Sushma Karki
Uttam Neupane
Bipin Karki
Music by Roshan Thapa and Kiran Tuladhar
Cinematography Purushottam Pradhan
Edited by Surendra Poudel
Princess Movies and Black Horse Pictures Pvt Ltd.
Release date
  • 13 January 2012 (2012-01-13) (Nepal)
Running time
121 Minutes
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
Budget 30 lakhs
Box office 5.6 crore NRP

Loot (Nepali: लूट, English: Steal) is a 2012 Nepali crime action film written and directed by Nischal Basnet. It stars young emerging actors from Nepal's film industry: Saugat Malla, Karma Shakya, Dayahang Rai, Prateek Raj Neupane, Sushil Raj Pandey, Reecha Sharma, Srijana Subba, Praween Khatiwada and Sushma Karki. The film revolves around contemporary Kathmandu, Nepal where five ordinary guys try to find quick ways to get rich. The movie is about a character named Haku Kale (Saugat Malla) who, along with four others, plots to rob a bank in Kathmandu.

Loot features a soundtrack comprising mostly modern music. "Udhreko Choli" has become popular among young Nepalese. Nischal Basnet gave voice to the male part in the item song and Indira Joshi sang the female part. Sequel Loot 2 released on 24 Feb 2017 with same star cast.


The film begins with the story of Haku Kale (Saugat Malla) doesn't want to live his life in poverty. He plans to rob a bank. According to his plan he needs four guys who are in dire need of money. The story begins with the song "Paisa" and, after the song, the team plans on the roof of a building. The members are Gofle (Dayahang Rai), Nare (Karma Shakya), Khatri (Prateek raj Neupane) and Pandey (Sushil Raj Pandey).

Cast & Crew[edit]


1."Udhreko Choli"Indira Joshi, Nischal Basnet5:24
2."Mera Ti Khushi Haru"Roshan Thapa2:57
3."Milan Ka Pal Haru"Rajina Hamal1:46
4."Paisa Paisa"Roshan Thapa,Rajina Hamal3:08

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