Loot Drop

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Loot Drop
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 2010
Founder John Romero, Brenda Romero
Defunct 2015
Headquarters San Mateo, California

Loot Drop was a social video game studio that was started in San Mateo, California.[1] It was created by John Romero and Brenda Romero with veteran Game Designer Tom Hall heading up his own game.[2] Its tagline was "Believe in fun".[1]


After creating the megahit social game,[3] Ravenwood Fair, John and Brenda Romero left Lolapps to co-found Loot Drop and begin making social games. Due to the success of Ravenwood Fair, several companies were interested in signing a game development and publishing deal with them.[4] RockYou was the first publisher to get to contract.[5] The game that John Romero was developing was titled Cloudforest Expedition.[6] Four months into development, RockYou signed a second development deal with Loot Drop.[7]

The studio got funding for Cloudforest Expedition[8] from social game publisher RockYou in 2011.[2] Within a year, Loot Drop had four titles in development with multiple social game publishers.[2] Romero stated that he wanted to focus on game design rather than monetizing players.[2] The studio was stated to have four teams that would grow to 10 or 11 employees each.[1]

Studio Closing[edit]

The studio encountered financial trouble in 2012, with the game Ghost Recon Commander being cancelled only five months after launch.[9] This resulted in that development team being laid off.[9] They failed to fund a Kickstarter campaign for an "Old-School RPG".[9] Loot Drop continued developing games until the end of 2015. In its existence, it had developed games for RockYou, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Mogol, and Zynga.[10]


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