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Lootcase film poster.jpg
Release poster
Directed byRajesh Krishnan
Written byKapil Sawant
Rajesh Krishnan
StarringKunal Khemu
Gajraj Rao
Vijay Raaz
Ranvir Shorey
Rasika Dugal
Music byScore:
Sameer Uddin
Amar Mangrulkar
CinematographySanu John Varghese
Edited byAnand Subaya
Fox Star Studios
Soda Films
Distributed byDisney+Hotstar
Release date
  • 31 July 2020 (2020-07-31)[1]
Running time
132 minutes

Lootcase is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language black comedy crime film directed by Rajesh Krishnan in his film debut who also directed webseries Tvf Tripplings, produced and bankrolled by Fox Star Studios. It features Kunal Khemu and Rasika Dugal in lead roles with Vijay Raaz, Ranvir Shorey and Gajraj Rao in supporting roles[2] The film revolves around a red coloured suitcase and the filming began in mid July 2019.[3] The first look poster was released on 16 September 2019.[4][5] It was scheduled for theatrical release on 10 April 2020 but the release has been postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic.[6][7] It was released on 31 July 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar.[1].Upon Release It met with extremely positive reviews for its humour,tone and comical performances by its cast.


Nandan Kumar (Kunal Khemu) is a middle-class man who works at Saavdhaan Times, a printing press, and repairs machines. He doesn't believe in destiny and lives in a chawl with his taunting wife Lata (Rasika Dugal) and only son Aayush (Aryan Prajapati).

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Minister Patil (Gajraj Rao) has to get a parcel of 10 boxes of sweets and a file delivered to an another minister Tripathi. He assigns his men Abdul (Shashi Ranjan) and Omar (Sumit Nijhawan) to do so, and it is revealed that the 10 boxes of sweets actually contain money worth 10 crore rupees. Patil's men put the money in a red trolley suitcase.

While the parcel is on its way, it gets ambushed by the goons of a notorious gangster Bala Rathore (Vijay Raaz), whose another goon, Jameel, was shot dead by Abdul's men. The ambush leads to a shootout between Bala and Patil's men, and in the process, the suitcase gets stolen by Bala's men and they escape. While escaping, they hear the police nearing towards them, and they hide the suitcase under some boxes nearby, hoping to come back later to take the suitcase, and they leave.

Meanwhile, Nandan is returning home after work, and while taking a restroom break, comes across the suitcase. He opens it, finds it full of money, and takes it home and hides it in his neighbour Ramlal's house, who's gone for a break of 15 days to his village to meet his family. As Nandan is about to open the door to his house, Lata surprises him by wearing a modern dress, and tries to seduce him, but Nandan foils her plans and leaves her upset. At night, when Lata is asleep, Nandan goes to his neighbour's house where the suitcase is hidden. He opens the suitcase, and gets delighted by seeing the bunch of money, and hugs it. When he returns home, Lata asks him where did he went, and Nandan tells her that he had gone for a smoke, and seduces his wife.

Meanwhile, Bala's men learn that the suitcase has been stolen and report this to Bala. On the other hand, Patil's men also report the same to Patil. Patil's men call up Bala, who denies knowing anything about the suitcase. Patil is left shocked when he learns that the file (which was in the suitcase) is also missing. Bala overhears this conversation, and orders his men to get him the suitcase at any cost, while Patil recruits tough cop Madhav Kolte (Ranvir Shorey) after blackmailing him and assigns him to find the suitcase at any cost.

Kolte goes to his secret place and assigns his men to check every CCTV camera's that might be in the area where the shootout happened, and orders his spy Faizu to get him all the information that he can of the shootout. Meanwhile, Nandan gets to know about the shootout, and fearing that the nearby camera's might have caught him stealing the suitcase, he goes back to the place to check, where he meets Kolte's men, and finds that neither of the camera's in the area are working. Relieved, he goes back to his home happily.

Nandan spends the next few days happily, he takes his family to a park, has Chinese dinner with them, and also brings a bouquet and oven for Lata, and a new superhero themed bag for his son. Meanwhile, Bala's men spot Faizu with Kolte and report this information to Bala, who tells them to keep tailing them, as it would lead them getting their hands on the suitcase.

While watching a superhero movie with his family, Nandan is told by Lata that she has told a housekeeper to clean theirs and the neighbour Ramlal's house. Fearing that the housekeeper might spot the suitcase, Nandan rushes back to the neighbour's house, and finds that the housekeeper hasn't spotted the suitcase yet. After he gets rid of the housekeeper, Nandan stores the money in different packets, but leaves some in the suitcase. Nandan hides the packets in different places of the houses, and keeps one in his office drawer.

Meanwhile, one of the other nearby camera of the place where the shootout happened starts working, and Kolte spots Nandan in the CCTV footage taking an auto-rickshaw. Few digits of auto-rickshaw number plate were not clearly visible in the camera, so Kolte orders Faizu to gather suspected auto-rickshaw drivers in the city.

The next day, Nandan goes to take a bath and get ready for an award ceremony, but he finds the water is not coming, he checks the water tank (he had kept one packet of money there), and finds the money floating in the water. Also, to make things worse, his neighbour Ramlal also returns early from his village, but Nandan sends him away to the key maker after he lies to him that the key has got lost in the washroom. He then goes to the neighbour's house, brings the suitcase to his home, and hides it in the upper shelf of the kitchen. He then takes the wet money on the roof and leaves it to dry off in the sun. Nandan goes to the award ceremony, but finds out it has ended. He goes to his office, where he finds out he has won the award for best employee. He then returns home and attends a party, at the end of the party, he notices the money which he had kept on the roof falling. He rushes to the roof and takes the money.

Nandan thinks of buying an apartment in a luxurious society, and goes to its booking office, but finds that they don't accept cash. Meanwhile, Kolte comes across the auto-rickshaw driver, and the driver takes him and Faizu to the place where he dropped Nandan. Kolte asks the driver to draw a character sketch of Nandan, but the resulting sketch resembled famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and not Nandan. Kolte gets angry and repeatedly slaps the driver, and the driver reveals that he saw a credit card of some bank having 'India' in its name dropping out of Nandan's pocket, and Kolte asks the driver to get lost.

Lata goes to Aayush's school to attend the annual day, while Nandan assures Lata that he'll reach the school on time, and goes to the bank where his credit card is registered, and asks the cashier about the currency note machine, to which the cashier asks the reason, and Nandan reveals about the huge amount of cash that he has, and the cashier and the others in the bank laugh him off. Nandan notices the CCTV of the bank recording and the suspicious behaviour of bank's staff towards him. Feared, he runs out of the bank without taking the bank slip and meets with an accident. Landing back at the bank, he gets up and finds that the annual day has ended, thus upsetting Lata.

Kolte finds about Nandan by going in the same bank. Lata finds out about the suitcase and tells Nandan to give it to the police, but Nandan denies. Meanwhile, Kolte is in Nandan's house and has overheard his conversation with his wife. He demands the suitcase by pointing a gun to his head, Nandan returns the suitcase as well as the small packets in which the other money was, and tells Kolte about the last packet in the office. Kolte puts the suitcase in the back of his car, and rushes off with Nandan to his office. Bala's men take the photo of Kolte with the suitcase and send it to Bala, who reports it to Patil, and they both join hands, and Patil sends Bala with Abdul and Omar to get the suitcase and kill Kolte.

Kolte and Nandan arrive at Nandan's office. While Nandan goes inside and finds his boss heavily drunken and gets stuck with him, Kolte gets ambushed by Bala's men, and a shootout ensures, in which Kolte kills one of Bala's men and rushes off to his house, where he finds Patil's file and his dark secrets regarding blackmoney, and decides to expose him. Meanwhile, Patil calls Kolte and enquires him about the suitcase. Kolte says that he was still unable to find the suitcase. Patil gets confident that Kolte is trying to betray him as Bala already showed him the photo of Kolte with the red suitcase. He orders Bala and his men to recover the suitcase from Kolte.

Kolte calls up Nandan, who finally escapes with the packet, while his drunken boss is talking to a portrait of his father, and tells him to meet him at his secret place. Nandan reaches there and meets Kolte, but both of them get ambushed by Bala and Patil's men. In a massive shootout, all of them get killed except Nandan, who survives. Nandan decides to leave his greed for money but then the red suitcase along with two mango boxes full of money drop in front of him, and he takes them.

Patil, whose political career has been finished, returns to his village and decides to do farming. As he is roaming around the field, Abdul's goons, who killed Jameel, show up to Patil and kill him too.



The filming started in the mid July 2019.[3]


The film was scheduled to be released on 10 April 2020 but was indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[6][7] On 29 June 2020, Disney+ Hotstar conducted virtual press conference where Uday Shankar announced that the film will release on Disney+ Hotstar exclusively as part of Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex initiative.[8] It was released on 31 July 2020.[1]


The music for the film was composed by Rohan-Vinayak and Amar Mangrulkar, while the lyrics written by Shreyas Jain and Kapil Sawant.

Track listing
1."Pavitra Party"Shreyas JainRohan-VinayakNakash Aziz, Keka Ghoshal, Arhaan Hussain3:51
2."Laal Rang Ki Peti"Kapil SawantAmar MangrulkarVivek Hariharan4:16
3."Muft Ka Chandan"Shreyas JainRohan-VinayakRomy, Shreyas Jain, Pinky Maidasani3:26


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