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Lora Logic (also spelt Laura Logic; born Susan Whitby c. 1960) is a British saxophonist and singer. She was briefly a member of the band X-Ray Spex, although she had been sacked from that group by the time they recorded their first album, Germfree Adolescents, which nevertheless used her (uncredited) saxophone arrangements. A year later she formed Essential Logic. This group recorded one self-titled EP, four singles and an album, Beat Rhythm News (Waddle Ya Play?). Logic was briefly also a member of Red Krayola, appearing on two singles and the album Kangaroo?. Her saxophone lent a unique quality to the bands she was in.[1] She also played on recordings by The Raincoats, The Stranglers, Kollaa Kestää and Swell Maps and, later, Boy George. During the recording of the second Essential Logic album the group broke up, and she finished the recording as a solo Lora Logic album, Pedigree Charm.

Along with X-Ray Spex bandmate Poly Styrene she left the music industry in the 1980s to join the Hare Krishna religion. She spent some time in Bhaktivedanta Manor, a mansion donated to the Hare Krishnas by George Harrison. In 1995 she rejoined X-Ray Spex when Styrene reformed the group. In 2003, the Kill Rock Stars label reissued most of the early Essential Logic material, alongside new recordings by Logic under the same name as Fanfare in the Garden.


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