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Loralai (Pashto: لورالائی‎) is the Division Head Quarter of Zhob Division and District head Quarter of Loralai District. It is located in the northeast of Balochistan province in Pakistan. It was formerly known as Bori. It is 4,700 feet (1,400 m) above sea level.

The population of Loralai district was 297,560 in 1998 Census and now it is raised up to approximately 1000,000 (One Million) and is almost second or third largest city in the Province Balochistan province. The town and surroundings of District are very attractive for tourists, the foreigners used to visit extensively before 9/11 and some famous parts for visit are Loralai Cantt, Pathankot, Mughal ports and Archeological sights of Kohe-Sumeman range etc.

Administrative Controls[edit]

Loralai district was created on October, 1903. Loralai town is the district headquarters. Loralai was further partitioned in 1992 when Musakhail and Barkhan were given the status of separate administrative districts. Loralai currently consists of three tehsils: Tehil Loralai(Bori), Tehsil Mekhtar and Tehsil Duki.

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Balochistan High Court Govt. of Balochistan

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Coordinates: 30°22′N 68°36′E / 30.367°N 68.600°E / 30.367; 68.600

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