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Loranne Vella (born 10 July 1972) is a writer, translator and performer in Malta.


Loranne Vella was born in Victoria, Gozo, Malta to Mary Grace Monseigneur née Ellul.[citation needed] She was raised by adoptive parents Teodosia Floria Vella née Farrugia (1937–2010) and Joseph Vella (1926–2012).[citation needed]

She started her professional career as an English and Drama teacher at St. Aloysius College, B'Kara (1995–2005). She left Malta in 2005 and has worked as a translator at the European Parliament, Luxembourg (2005–2008) and at the Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium (2009–present).[1]


She attended the following institutions for her Education: Thi Lakin School, Attard (1975–1976), St. Joseph School, B'Bajda (1976–77), St. Joseph School, Paola (1977–1984), Sandhurst School (later known as Sir Adrian Dingli School), Pembroke (Sept-Dec1984), Maria ReginaJunior Lyceum, B'Bajda (1984–88), Ġan Franġisk Abela Sixth Form, Msida (1988–1989), University of Malta, tal-Qroqq – 1989–90, Foundation Course 1990–1991, B.Comm (incomplete) 1991–1995, B.A. Hons in Theatre Studies (Mediterranean Institute) and English as secondary subject 1995–2000, M.A. in Theatre Studies.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Married to: Simon Bartolo[3] (1996–2011).

Works and Collaborations[edit]

Artistic Career – Co-founded Aleateia Group Theatre in 1992 with Simon Bartolo, Victor Debono and Russell Muscat, and trained and performed at the Valletta Campus Theatre (then known as MITP Theatre – Mediterranean Institute Theatre Programme) till 2005.The group was formed while all were University Students finding the need to put into practice the various theories and disciplines encountered in their studies as well as discover their own methodology of work and discipline.[4][better source needed] In 2013 she collaborated with photographer Ritty Tacsum[5] in her 4 Rooms[6] exhibition.

This was the first time Vella combined literature, photography and performance in one event, an exercise which was repeated in the subsequent book launches (Rokit – 2017, Mill-bieb 'il ġewwa – 2019). It is also the fundamental principal behind the performance art collective which she co-founded with Sephora Gauci[7] in 2017, Barumbara Collective[7] – to create performative events in collaboration with artists from other art forms.

Between 2014 and 2017 she translated several children's stories from French into Maltese (known as Rumanzini) and one from Spanish into Maltese.[citation needed]

Between 2012 and 2017 she wrote Rokit. The title is mostly referring to the image of the rocket ready for launching which haunted her during the entire five years of writing[8]

In 2019 she collaborated with artist Trevor Borg[9] and wrote a story for children inspired by his work presented at the Venice Biennale as part of the Maltese Pavilion. The title of the story is Smajna Isimna Taħt l-Art,[10] published in November 2019.


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