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Lorcan or Lorcán is an Irish language male given name, meaning 'little fierce one' and may refer to:

  • Lorcan Allen (born 1940), Irish farmer and former Fianna Fáil Teachta Dála TD
  • Lorcan Cranitch (born 1959), Irish actor
  • Lorcan Cronin, striker who signed for Kildare County in the preseason of 2007
  • Lorcan Dempsey (born 1958), the Vice President and Chief Strategist of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
  • Lorcán mac Cellaig (flourished 848), King of Leinster of the Uí Muiredaig sept of the Uí Dúnlainge branch of the Laigin
  • Lorcán mac Fáelán, the seventh of ten Kings of Leinster to be inaugurated and based on Lyons Hill, Ardclough, County Kildare
  • Lorcán Ó Muireadais (1883–1941), Irish Roman Catholic priest, Irish language educator and nationalist activist
  • Lorcan O'Herlihy (born 1959), architect
  • Lorcán Ua Tuathail (1128–1180), Saint Laurence O'Toole, canonized in 1225 by Pope Honorius III

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