Lord Conquest

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Lord Conquest
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Wonder Woman #2 (Fall 1942)
Created by William Moulton Marston (script)
Harry G. Peter (art)
In-story information
Place of origin Mars, Earth
Team affiliations Children of Ares, Olympian Gods
Abilities Astral projection
Inspires dreams of conquest

Lord Conquest is a fictional DC Comics villainous demigod who battled Wonder Woman in the Golden Age, created by William Moulton Marston as an embodiment of the abnormal emotion of dysfunctional dominance.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Lord Conquest, also known as Count Conquest and the Count of Conquest, is a son and lieutenant of Ares, God of War. He resembled a large muscular man, dressed in grey hoplite armour.

Lord Conquest kept a base of operations hidden underneath Mount Olympus on Earth, although he traveled frequently between Earth and Mars, where Mars, the Duke of Deception, and Earl Greed were also based. Lord Conquest sent his astral form to inspire dreams of conquest in military and government leaders in order to prod them into making war.

His contributions to starting World War II included "inspir[ing] Mussolini to resurrect the Roman Empire by enslaving helpless Ethiopians, ... urg[ing] Hitler to weld his iron yoke on the bowed necks of Europe's imprisoned peoples and ... persuad[ing] Hirohito to torture into submission the uncounted millions of Asia" (Wonder Woman (vol. 1) #2).

Lord Conquest was the last of Mars' lieutenants sent to capture Wonder Woman. He refused at first, claiming it was beneath his dignity. He inspired Mussolini to send agents to America to capture Wonder Woman. Italian agents Count Crafti (alias Don Unaldi, Spanish nobleman) and giant slugger Mammotha were dispatched, with Conquest possessing Mammotha. After luring Wonder Woman into entering the boxing ring with Mammotha and then submitting her to enormous electric shock when she was collecting $50,000 for defeating Mammotha, Conquest prepared to deliver her and Steve Trevor, who had been knocked out when trying to see Wonder Woman, to Mars. He chained them both, weakening Wonder Woman as if an Amazon's bracelets were chained together by a man she became as weak as an ordinary woman. She was taken to Mars' dungeon. Only the timely interventions of Etta Candy and the Holliday girls released Wonder Woman and allowed them to escape.

When the Duke of Deception inspired Women to rebel against Mars, Conquest was imprisoned with Mars while Deception became King. However the Earl of Greed released them and the two escaped to the Moon, where they drugged the Goddess Diana and captured Wonder Woman when she travelled to the Moon. However she escaped and freed Diana.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Lord Conquest, like the Earl of Greed and Duke of Deception, was able to become an astral figure who inspired the kinds of thoughts that led to war. He also was able to possess the stupid giant Mammotha.

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