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Lord John was a British men's fashion retailer, which opened its first store at 43 Carnaby Street, London, at the corner with Ganton Street, in 1963.[1]

The first Lord John boutique was opened by the brothers Warren, Harold and David Gold in Carnaby Street in 1963, and the choice of name led to litigation from John Stephen who already owned several fashion shops in the street.[2]

In 1967, the store had a three-storey high giant psychedelic mural on the outside of the building, painted by the then largely unknown artist David Vaughan.[2][3]

Lord John was very popular with mods, and regular customers included the pop groups The Small Faces, The Who, and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.[2]

Lord John had eight shops by 1970, and grew to about 30 in the early 1970s, before being acquired by the retail group Raybeck, who sold it to Next in the mid-1980s, when they became Next stores.[3]