Lord Mayor of Budapest

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Lord Mayor of Budapest
Budapest főpolgármestere
Károly Ráth
AppointerGeneral Assembly
Inaugural holderKároly Ráth
Formation25 October 1873
Final holderGyula Mohay
Abolished27 March 1945

The Lord Mayor of Budapest (Hungarian: Budapest főpolgármestere) was a former political position, existed between 1873 and 1944 (or 1945) in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The Lord Mayor was representative of the Hungarian government as head of the capital's municipal authority, similarly to the Lord-Lieutenants of Counties.

Since 1990, the position of Mayor of Budapest is domestically also known as "Lord Mayor" (Hungarian: főpolgármester) to distinguish the office from that of the mayors that lead each of Budapest's 23 districts.


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