List of mayors, lord mayors and administrators of Sydney

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Lord Mayor of City of Sydney
Coat of arms of the City of Sydney (old).jpg
Clover Moore in May 2012.jpg
Cr. Clover Moore

since 2004
Style The Right Honourable Lord Mayor
Appointer Sydney City Council
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Ald. Charles Windeyer (Mayor)
Ald. Sir Thomas Hughes
(Lord Mayor)
Formation 1842 (as Mayor)
1902 (as Lord Mayor)
Website Lord Mayor of Sydney

The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Sydney is the honorific title of the head of Sydney City Council which is the local government body for the City of Sydney, the local government area covering the central business district of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The Lord Mayor has been directly elected since 2004, replacing the previous system of being internally elected by the Councillors, and served a four-year term. The most recent election was held on 8 September 2012, at which the incumbent Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, Independent, was re-elected.[1]


Main article: History of Sydney

The office of Mayor of Sydney along with the Sydney municipality was created 20 July 1842 pursuant to the Sydney City Incorporation Act 1842 by Governor Sir George Gipps, of the New South Wales Legislative Council. This replaced the previous system under an Act of 1833, whereby three police commissioners were responsible for local conditions. The office of Mayor was elevated to Lord Mayor in 1902 by King Edward VII, and as part of this process received the honorific The Right Honourable (The Rt. Hon.).

Vestments of office[edit]

As head of the council, the Lord Mayor is entitled to wear the chains and robes of office, as befitting the ancient status of lord mayor of a large city. In 1902 the Sydney Chamber of Commerce commissioned the first link of a mayoral chain. In 1903, the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Harry Rawson presented the first Lord Mayor, Thomas Hughes, with the chain of office. It features the coat of arms of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce and the Stock Exchange and a pendant depicting the coat of arms of Sydney. Successive mayors each added a medallion, on which was embossed their term of office. By 1945, this practice had ended because of the size and weight of the chain. Today, the chain is worn with the robes of office only for rare civic ceremonies; a smaller collar being worn for most civic duties.

The original civic robe for the Mayor of Sydney in 1842 was purple, trimmed with ermine and worn with a court dress hat. The current robes worn by the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor are black, trimmed with ermine, and worn with bicorne hat, lace jabot and white gloves. They are worn rarely and only at major civic functions.[2] Recently, it has become the custom not to wear the robes.

List of mayors, lord mayors and administrators of Sydney[edit]

# Officeholder Term Office title Party
1   Charles Windeyer 1842 Mayor n/a
2   John Hosking 1842–1843
3   James Robert Wilshire 1843–1844
4   George Allen 1845
5   Henry McDermott 1846
6   Thomas Broughton 1847
7   Joshua Frey Josephson 1848
8   Edward Flood 1849
9   George Hill 1850
10   William Edward Thurlow 1851–1852
11   Daniel Egan 1853
n/a n/a Gilbert Elliot (Chief) 1854–1856 Commissioners
Frederick Orme Darval
John Rae
12   George Thornton 1857 Mayor
13   John Williams 1858
14   George Smith 1859
15   James Murphy 1860
16   John Sutherland 1861
17   James Oatley 1862
18   Thomas Spence 1863
19   William Speer 1864
20   John Woods 1865
21   John Sutton 1866
22   Charles Moore 1867–1869
23   Walter Renny 1869–1870
24   Michael Chapman 1871–1872
25   James Merriman 1873
26   Stephen Styles Goold 1874
27   Benjamin Palmer 1875–1876
  James Merriman 1877–1878
28   Charles James Roberts 1879
29   Robert Fowler 1880
30   John Harris 1881–1883
31   John Hardie 1884
32   Thomas Playfair 1885
33   John Young 1886
34   Alban Joseph Riley 1887
35   John Harris 1888–1889
36   Sydney Burdekin 1890–1891
37   Sir William Patrick Manning 1891–1894
38   Samuel Edward Lees 1895
39   Isaac Ellis Ives 1896–1897
40   Sir Matthew Harris 1898–1900
41   Sir James Graham 1901 Independent
42 Thomas Hughes 1902
1902–1903 Lord Mayor
Samuel Edward Lees 1904
43   Allen Taylor 1905–1906 Civic Reform
  Thomas Hughes 1907–1908 Independent
  Sir Allen Taylor 1909–1912 Civic Reform
44   George Thomas Clarke 1912 Independent
45   Sir Arthur Cocks 1913 Civic Reform
46   Richard Watkins Richards 1914–1915 Independent
47   Richard Meagher 1916–1917 Labor Party
48   James Joynton Smith 1918 Independent
49   John English 1919 Labor Party
50   Sir Richard Watkins Richards 1919–1920 Independent
51   William Patrick Fitzgerald 1920 Labor Party
52 William Lambert 1921
53   William McElhone 1922 Independent
54   David Gilpin 1923–1924 Civic Reform
55   Patrick Vincent Stokes 1925–1926 Labor Party
56 John Harold Mostyn 1927
n/a n/a E.P. Fleming 1928–1930 Commissioners n/a
J. Garlick
H.E. Morton
Gordon Bennett
57   Ernest Marks 1930 Lord Mayor Civic Reform
58 Joseph Jackson 1931
59 Sir Samuel Walder 1932
60   Richard Hagon 1933 Independent
61   Sir Alfred Parker 1934–1935 Civic Reform
62   Arthur McElhone 1935 Independent
63   Archibald Howie 1936–1937 Civic Reform
64   Sir Norman Nock 1938–1939 Independent
65   Stanley Crick 1940–1942 Civic Reform
66 Reg Bartley 1943–1944
67 William Harding 1945
Reg Bartley 1946–1948
68   Ernest Charles O'Dea 1949–1952 Labor Party
69 Pat Hills 1953–1956
70 Harry Jensen 1956–1965
71 John Armstrong 1966–1967
n/a n/a Vernon Treatt 14 November 1967 – 26 September 1969 Chief Commissioner n/a
John Shaw Deputy Chief Commissioner
William Pettingell Commissioner
72   Sir Laurence Emmet McDermott 1969—1972 Lord Mayor Civic Reform
73 David Griffin 1972—1973
74 Sir Nicholas Shehadie 1973—1975
75 Leo Port 1975–1978
76 Nelson Meers 1978–1980
77   Doug Sutherland 1980–1987 Labor Party
n/a n/a Sir Eric Neal 6 April 1987 Administrator n/a
6 April 1987 – 31 December 1988 Chief Commissioner
Sir Nicholas Shehadie Deputy Chief Commissioner
Norman Oakes Commissioner
78   Jeremy Bingham 1989—1991 Lord Mayor Civic Reform
79   Frank Sartor 1991—2003 Independent
80   Lucy Turnbull 2003—2004
n/a n/a Tony Pooley 6 February 2004 — 27 March 2004 Commissioners n/a
Garry Payne
Lucy Turnbull
81   Clover Moore 2004—present Lord Mayor Independent


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