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The Young Ambassadors are a song and dance performing group from Brigham Young University. They were founded by Janie Thompson. Since their first international performance at world exposition 1970 in Osaka, Japan, they have performed throughout the United States and over 56 other nations. Their audiences have included the prime minister of India, the queen of Thailand, and the king and queen of Jordan. Live and televised appearances in major concert halls and impromptu performances in hospitals, orphanages, town squares and government palaces reach millions of people each year.

The Young Ambassadors company consists of 20 performers (10 men and 10 women), a 10 piece show band (keyboard, drums, guitar and bass guitar, etc.) and 9 technical personnel.

Prior to 1970, the group was known as Curtain Time USA. In the 1960s, their world tour stops included Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

The Young Ambassadors have been directed by Randy Boothe since 1978.

Past members[edit]


  • Randy Boothe, Director
  • Ron Simpson, Associate Director
  • Janielle Christensen, Associate Director
  • John Shurtleff, Technical Director

Tour history[edit]

This tour history beings in 1970 and continues up to present day [1]



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