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Saint James Cloister, Convent of Saint Dominic, Balaguer

The Lord of Balaguer (Catalan: Senyor de Balaguer, Spanish: Señor de Balaguer) is a title of the Spanish Crown. specifically represents the Heir to the Kingdom of Mallorca, a part of the Crown of Aragon. The current holder is Leonor, Lady of Balaguer.


This Lordship was created in 1418 by the king Alfonso V of Aragon, called the Magnanimous, for his brother John the Faithless, symbolically linked to the city that had been capital of the suppressed County of Urgell, the feudal command of the greater rival of the House of Trastámara for the possession of the Aragonese Crown during the Interregnum, James II, Count of Urgell.

When John the Faithless became king as John II (1458), awarded him to the child of his second marriage, infante Ferdinand of Aragon, that had him until going up to the Throne the 1479. From then on it was own of the Heirs to the Throne of the former Crown of Aragon and went always joined to the title of Prince of Girona, the vicissitudes of which in forward shared.

Current situation[edit]

Since 21 January 1977, the titles of the heir of the former Crown of Aragon are in fact had for the prince Prince Felipe of Spain,[1] if well the Spanish royal decree of nomination of 22 January 1977) only mentions explicitly the one of Prince of Asturias and add and other titles historically related to the Heir to the Crown of Spain.

On the same line, the Spanish Constitution of 1978 (title II, art. 57.2) it says: The Heir to the Throne, from his birth or the fact that causes his call, has the rank of Prince of Asturias and other titles traditionally linked to the Heirs to the Crown of Spain. In 1990, during an official visit to Balaguer Prince Felipe of Spain assumed the title in a ceremony of popular homage.

Coat of Arms of Balaguer

Personal Coat of Arms of Leonor as Lady of Balaguer (Unofficial)


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