Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King

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Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King
Key visual
ロード オブ ヴァーミリオン 紅蓮の王
(Rōdo obu Vāmirion Guren no Ō)
GenreAdventure, fantasy[1]
Anime television series
Directed byEiji Suganuma
Written byMasashi Suzuki
Music byAratame Shō
Tear Studio
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, BS11, Sun TV, TV Aichi
Original run July 13, 2018 September 28, 2018
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Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King (ロード オブ ヴァーミリオン 紅蓮の王, Rōdo obu Vāmirion Guren no Ō) is an anime adaptation of the Lord of Vermilion series by Square Enix.


13 years ago, Chihiro Kamina moved in with his best friend after a disastrous accident. Present day, he's just a normal college student in Tokyo. However, on January 29, a mysterious ringing sound knocks out people across the city including him, resulting in the emergence of a mysterious red fog. Comatose victims began to awaken only a week after the incident, with Chihiro waking up almost five months after. The incident, now known as the Great Collapse, caused giant enormous plants to appear from out of nowhere, trapping those in the red mist. When Chihiro is given a seemingly fatal wound, his life turns into total chaos and he must now fight against those with powers similar to those he has just awakened, and must find a way to protect himself and achieve his destiny.


Malthus Church[edit]

Chihiro Kamina (神名 千尋, Kamina Chihiro)
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji[2] (Japanese); Orion Pitts[3] (English)
Chihiro has grey hair and purple eyes. When transformed, his main blood armament is a spike extending from the elbow down, taking the place of his arm. He has a massive amount of raw power, making him the most likely candidate to become the Lord of Vermilion.

13 years ago, his mother Mitsuki worked with Dr. Grummen and he was close friends with Grummen's daughter Yuri, but Mitsuki but was swallowed by another world. His grief-stricken father then attempted to kill him. In present day, he is in his second year at the Jokei University and one of the people who lost consciousness during the ‘Dai Kyoumei’ (lit. great resonance). Five months later, he wakes up from his comatose state.

Kotetsu Dōmyōji (道明寺 虎鉄, Dōmyōji Kotetsu)
Voiced by: Satoshi Hino[4] (Japanese); Justin Briner[3] (English)
He has black hair and grey eyes. When transformed, his main blood armament is a two-handed katana like sword. He is a close friend of Chihiro's and the two share a brotherly relationship.
Shōko Hanashima (花島 笙子, Hanashima Shōko)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano[4] (Japanese); Lindsay Seidel[3] (English)
She has burgundy hair and eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose. She lives at Malthus Church. Her blood armament is not a conventional weapon. Her blood forms into a swarm of butterflies, which she can telepathically direct to targets and detonate.
Isshin Kakihara (柿原 一心, Kakihara Isshin)
Voiced by: Hiroki Touchi[4] (Japanese); Robert McCollum[3] (English)
He dresses in a suit but wears the jacket draped casually around his shoulders and is almost always seen smoking. His blood armament lets him create large fists for punching.

He is a freelance journalist with a special interest in Chihiro after the incident 13 years ago when his parent were found dead.

Inuki Akaya (赤谷 犬樹, Akaya Inuki)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa[4] (Japanese); Eric Vale[3] (English)
He has thick red hair and brown eyes.

He is a physician at the Jokei University Hospital, which is attached to the university Chihiro attends. He tended Chihiro during the five months he was in a coma. His blood armament enhances his hands into claws.

Koume Sakiyama (咲山 小梅, Sakiyama Koume)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki[4] (Japanese); Monica Rial[3] (English)
She has long black hair and purple eyes, although there is an eyepatch over her left eye. Her blood armament is a whip with a pointed tip like a devil's tail.

She is a nurse at Jokei University Hospital who works with Inuki Akaya and has notoriously bad bedside manners concerning her patients.

AVAL Science Foundation[edit]

The members of this group are often known as agents of Chaos.

Yuri Shiraki (白木 優羽莉, Shiraki Yūri)
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen[2] (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors[3] (English)
Yuri has long blck hair and dresses in a white shirt with a blue ribbon around her collar. Her bloodline armament are shuriken. She can also create and throw swarms of shuriken-shaped projectiles, string them together into chains, or bunch them together to make shields. She can also lengthen the arms of one into a sword. The daughter of AVAL leader Grummen, she and Chihiro played together as children and she is still in love with him.
Jun Aoi (葵 順, Aoi Jun)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe[4] (Japanese); Ian Sinclair[3] (English)
He wears a leather jacket and sunglasses, giving off the impression of a biker. He is actually the leader of the Blue Skull biker gang. His blood armament are a pair of massive clawed hands that grow from his back which he can manipulate. He and Izuki were raised together in the same orphanage and share a close, brother-like relationship.
Haru Minakami (水上 晴, Minakami Haru)
Voiced by: Takuma Terashima[4] (Japanese); Stephen Fu[3] (English)
Haru has spiky blonde hair and wears a blue bandanna over his forehead. His blood armament allows him to generate large fists for punching and he can also condense blood in spheres to entrap and drown his opponent. He is a fan of the Blue Skulls biker gang, which Jun is a member of, leading to him allying with Jun and AVAL. He has a near fanatic loyalty to Jun.
Kaburagi Kark (カーク鏑木, Kāku Kaburagi)
Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki[4] (Japanese); Daman Mills[3] (English)
He wears a long coat, black hat, and scarf that typically covers the lower half of his face. He also has dark hair. His blood armament are wires that form together into a massive scythe far larger then he is. He also has a female familiar named Amadeus who typically wields the scythe. He is able to do a Spell of Binding, using his music to draw on the grief and guilt his opponents feel to paralyze them, this was especially effective against Chihiro. A famous pianist, he tells his opponents he will play a requiem for them and refers to himself as a Shinigami (God of Death). He enjoys seeing despair on his opponents' faces.
Chiyu (チユ, Chiyu)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō[4] (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft[3] (English)
She has short black hair and wears an outfit reminiscent of a maid. Her blood armament lets her fire electrified blood bullets and create shields. She is an artificial human created by using Professor Mitsuki and Grummen's DNA, making her a substitute for Mitsuki. She is extremely intelligent with an air of quiet smugness. She considered Kurome a defective life.

Guardian State[edit]

Marie Kurokami (黒髪 マリエ, Kurokami Marie)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi[4] (Japanese); Katelyn Barr[3] (English)
She is a police woman with long straight black hair that reaches to her thighs and always carries a pistol. She has a winged lion familiar named Pluto. Her blood armament is a large lance.
Tsubaki Manazuru (真鶴 椿, Manazuru Tsubaki)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese); Jad Saxton[3] (English)
She addressees herself by her name instead of "I" and has short black hair with a butterfly hairclip above her left ear. She has a small doll-like familiar named Densuke. Her blood armament is a pair of bladed tonfa but she can also shoot an energy beam.
Akira Harabuki (原吹 晶, Harabuki Akira)
Voiced by: Rina Satō[4] (Japanese); Madeleine Morris[3] (English)
She has short black hair and was a friend of Haru's before he joined AVAL. Akira can release explosive waves of blood. Her familiar Elsbernd, has the ability to shapeshift and made himself look like Chihiro during the assault on the Infinity Theater.
Julia Ichijō (一条 樹理亜, Ichijō Juria)
Voiced by: Yui Horie[4] (Japanese); Tia Ballard[3] (English)
She has long blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She has an angel-like familiar with six wings named Gabriel. Her blood armament is a bow. She can release an arrow into the air and have it break apart into dozens of arrows that strike a single target multiple times.
Suruga Jūmonji (十文字 駿河, Jūmonji Suruga)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida[4] (Japanese); Howard Wang[3] (English)
He has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a familiar reminiscent of a lizard with Aztec marking named Lia Fail. His blood armament is a spear.

Secondary Characters[edit]

Dux (ドゥクス, Dukusu)
Voiced by: Sayuri Inoue[4] (Japanese); Dani Chambers[3] (English)
Dux is the leader of the Malthus Church, a being of unknown origin. She appears to want to protect the world, though her actions are more vindictive. She enjoys watching the Heroes fight against fate as the timeline is repeated and they continually die. She carries a red umbrella and wears a gold mask that hides her eyes. She has the ability to enter dreams and teleport.
Van Drail (バン・ドレイル, Ban Doreiru)
Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama
Drail is the adviser to Grummen. He wears dark purple, is full of tattoos and piercings and is always standing in the shadows. He never enters combat but has the ability to teleport and enjoys watching destruction. He manipulated Grummen into creating AVAL so he could watch more destruction.
Aldo Grumman Shiraki (白木・アルド・グラマン, Shiraki Arudo Guraman)
Voiced by: Sho Hayami
He is the leader of AVAL and the father of Yuri. He is in love with Chihiro's mother Mitsuki, having worked with her 13 years ago to create a gate to another world. After she was absorbed into said world, he set everything that happens into motion to bring her back.
Mitsuki Kamina
She was not voiced in the anime.
She was the mother of Chihiro Kamina and an associate of Dr. Grummen. They worked together on making a gate to another world but an explosion led to Mitsuki being swallowed by the gate, which became the trigger for Grummen creating AVAL. Her son Chihiro often played with Grummen's daughter Yuri before this occurrence and she would make them hot chocolate. Her son and husband outlived her. Grummen used her and his DNA to create Chiyu. It has been implied she loved Grummen and that she did not, it is not confirmed either way.
Tsubasa Tachikaze (立風 つばさ, Tachikaze Tsubasa)
Voiced by: Hisako Tōjō (Japanese); Amanda Lee[3] (English)
As Tsubasa she has short brown hair and eyes, but in her true form of Aero her hair turns green and her arms become feathery wings.

She is a photographer journalist who follows Isshin Kakihara and takes pictures for him. However, she becomes a harpy-like familiar bound to Kakihara after the Great Resonance. She can manipulate wind into offensive blades. Aero does not know what happened to Tsubasa's mind after she awoke.

Eiko Morizono (森園 英子, Morizono Eiko)
Voiced by: Tomoko Nakamura
In her human form, she has brown hair tied back in the braid and brown eyes. In her true form of Cerdid she has long blonde hair tied back in two ponytails and pointed eleven ears.

She poses as a second grader at Jokei university in the same seminar as Chihiro but in actuality she is Cerdid, a Defender assigned to Chihiro. She is capable of healing.

Ikurō Owari (尾張 郁郎, Owari Ikurō)
Voiced by: Shunichi Toki (Japanese); Dallas Reid[3] (English)
Ikurō is a friend of Chihiro and Kotetsu, attending the same university as them. He is turned into a partial familiar early on in the series and remains in a coma for the rest as Inuki and later Koume try to find a way to return him to fully human. His fate is a great source of pain for Chirhiro, who believes Ikurō was harmed because he was close to him.
Yato Kazama (風間 夜刀, Kazama Yato)
Voiced by: Takahiro Imamura (Japanese); Alejandro Saab[3] (English)
Yato lives in the Dōmyōji dojo and helps out there. He is attacked when Kotetsu's father turns into a monster and wounded, but survives. He denies remembering anything, blocking the memory. He is not seen again. He has wavy brown hair and commonly wears sunglasses, dressing casually in a t-shirt and cargo shorts.
Rakan Dōmyōji (道明寺 羅漢, Dōmyōji Rakan)
Voiced by: Motoi Koyanagi (Japanese); R. Bruce Elliott[3] (English)
Kotetsu's father, he ran the Dōmyōji dojo until he was turned into a familiar by Jun and killed by Chihiro. 13 years go, after Chihiro's parents died, Rakan became his legal guardian and he has been living in the dojo since.


A 12-episode anime television series adaptation of the arcade game has been announced, with Eiji Suganuma directed the series at Asread and Tear Studio.[2] Masashi Suzuki is in charge of the series composition, and Toshie Kawahara is in charge of the character designs. The series aired from July 13[5] to September 28, 2018. Crunchyroll streamed the series, while Funimation the English dub.[6] The opening theme is Tenshi yo Kokyou wo Kike (天使よ故郷を聞け) by May'n while the ending theme is Akaku, Zetsubou no Hana (紅く、絶望の花) by JUNNA.

No. Title Original air date
1"Our Lives Are the Debt We Pay Our Enemies"
"Waga Inochi wa Teki ni Harau Shakkin ka" (我が命は敵に払う借金か)
July 13, 2018 (2018-07-13)

Under the light of a red moon, a group of people systematically fight and kill each other using weapons formed from their blood. The final two, Chihiro Kamina and Yuri Shiraki, lament they cannot escape fate as they kill each other.

Present Day: Chihiro spars in Kendo with his childhood friend Kotetsu while Kotetsu's father watches on. Chihiro wins. With his parents dead 13 years ago, Chihiro lives with Kotetsu and his father at the Domyoji Dojo. The two go to the University they attend for classes but a mysterious sound resonates, causing extreme pain to everyone in Tokyo. Every person in Tokyo falls unconscious as a mysterious red fog emerges. Before Chihiro passes out, he sees a mysterious woman with long black hair (Yuri). While unconscious, Chihiro experiences a troubling dream where he speaks with a masked girl named Dux who calls him a Man of Vermilion with heroic blood. She states "this heroic scene" has been repeated countless times and will be repeated far into the future.

When he awakes, he finds five months have passed. He is the last of those who fell unconscious to wake up, most having awoken within a week. He meets Inuki Akaya and Koume Sakiyama, two of the medical staff who were tending him, and finds the event that happened is now called the "Great Collapse." The red fog never disappeared from Tokyo. Worse, a giant plant has grown to encompass Tokyo and it is no longer possible to leave the fog. The government is air-dropping supplies to those trapped within the mist. Chihiro leaves the hospital with Kotestu, who is relieved he's okay. Before they leave the hospital grounds, freelance journalist Isshin Kakihara and his aide Tsubasa Tachikaze stop them. Kakihara refers to an event 13 years ago and insinuating Chihiro may have been a cause for the Great Collapse given how much longer he slept. When Chihiro dozes on the way home he dreams Kotestu's father was murdered and the front of the dojo was wrecked.

When they return to the dojo, Chihiro and Kotestsu hear a strange ringing sound similar to the earlier resonance which causes them great pain. Chihiro sees it is caused by a man in leather and glasses, who is snapping his fingers (Aoi Jun). With him is Yuri. The front of the dojo is destroyed as a four-armed monster with the face of Kotetsu's father bursts through, though the human face turns into the monster's. The monster attacks them while Yuri and Jun watch, a third observer (Eiko Morizono) not moving to help. Chihiro hesitates to harm the monster, thinking it is still Kotestu's father, and ends up nearly bisected from shoulder to waist with the monster's sword. The injury awakens his heroic blood, and when he opens his eyes they are red.
2"You Don't Know Who I Am Yet"
"Kimi wa Mada, Boku to iu Ningen o Shiranai Noda" (君はまだ、ぼくという人間を知らないのだ)
July 20, 2018 (2018-07-20)

After suffering a fatal wound from the monster, Chihiro's heroic blood awakens, turning his eyes red as his blood forms into armor and weapons, allowing him to easily kill the monster. Yuri's expression becomes one of distress and Jun laments it's a bother he's awoken. They leave and Chihiro returns to normal, his wound healed. He is grief-stricken when he realizes he killed the monster, Kotetsu's father. Eiko uses her abilities to put him to sleep. The monster's body dissolves into red mist and Eiko tells Kotetsu that was his father and promises to explain everything later. Policewoman Marie Kurokami arrives on the scene but can do little as everyone claims they don't remember anything and the body is gone. She states there are reports of humans turning into monsters around the city, though they are gone by the time the police arrive. She also reveals tens of thousands of people vanished in the red mist, leaving behind only empty clothes, and there is a rumor going around they became the red mist.

Eiko tells Kotetsu his father was turned into a monster by Jun, but no more since Chihiro is still unconscious and she doesn't want to explain twice. After Chihiro regains consciousness, Eiko advises he rest since he used up so much power in the fight. In his residence, Kakihara gets permission to investigate "the university and the foundation." The next day, Chihiro, Kotetsu, and Eiko return to classes, unsure what else to do. Eiko keeps dodging the questions of the other two, saying she'll tell them later. In the courtyard, they witness a student having a panic attack and Eiko says it will be dangerous if a gate opens. Koume and Inuki arrive and sedate the student, taking him away before anything happens. Akaya tells Chihiro the university and hospital are on the same campus before he leaves. During lunch, Eiko tells the two the student could have changed into a monster if a gate from another world opened, which allowed the monster to possess human bodies.

Coming back from the bathroom, he hears the same ringing sound from when Kotetsu's father transformed and sees Yuri ringing a stick with two bells. The sound pains him. He pursues her as she flees. His absence is noted by Kotetsu and Eiko, who begin looking for him. In another part of the campus, Kakihara and Tsubasa confront a member of the staff over a scandal involving donation money and Kotetsu asks what's going on with the AVAL Science Foundation. He sees Chihiro chasing Yuri. Yuri takes him to a room with three other students, who begin transforming into monsters when Yuri rings her bells. One of them is his friend Ikuro Okusu. Yuri laments "if only you'd died." She stops at Chihiro's pleading so Jun takes over, stating they have their orders: death to the Heroic Lineage. Kotetsu and Eiko arrive as two of the students, excepting Ikuro, fully transform and attack Chihiro. Kotetsu is badly affected by the ringing and drops to his knees, Eiko pleading with him to give himself to his Heroic Blood to kill the monsters. Chihiro hesitates to do so, recalling how he killed Kotetsu's father and is attacked by the two monsters. Kotetsu's Heroic Blood awakens and he attacks the monsters, intent on getting through them to Jun, who was responsible for his father's death. He slays one. Yuri, Jun, and Eiko are shocked there is a second Vassal of Heroic Blood present. Jun states this is a good chance to eliminate both of them. Chihiro does not want to awaken his power and kill someone else close to him but cries out in fear after Kotetsu is overpowered by the second monster, running forward.
3"Who Set Fire to an Old Conflict?"
"Dare da, Furui Arasoi ni Arata ni Hi o Tuketa noha?" (だれだ、古い争いに新たに火をつけたのは?)
July 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Seeing Kotetsu about to be killed, Chihiro reawakens his Heroic Blood. He remembers Eiko's real name is Cerdid, allowing her to leave her human form for he true one. She is a Defender assigned to Chihiro. Jun remarks to Yuri her beloved is a problem. Chihiro kills the monster, but angrily tells Cerdid it used to be a fellow university student; she counters by saying once a human becomes a familiar there's no going back. Kakihara and Tsubasa snap pictures of the fight, claiming this is a huge scoop. Kakihara calls Chihiro a monster and now understands how he killed 13 years ago.

Jun and Yuri approach with two more monsters and Jun claims he can continue to summon more so long as he has humans to open the gate. His orders are Death to the Heroic Lineage and he will carry them out. Enraged, Chihiro goes berserk, overpowering an enhanced monster at the cost of losing control. Tsubasa is pained by the energy Chihiro puts out and her body begins to transform. A frustrated Kakihara doesn't know what to do when Shōko Hanashima tells him he should awaken his Heroic Blood as well. Shōko then awakens his Blood and tells him to call out Tsubasa's true name - Aero. Revealed to also be a Defender, Tsubasa fully transforms into a harpy-like form. The arrival of a third Vassal leaves Jun flabbergasted. Chihiro attacks Jun but Yuri saves her partner. Seeing her transformed, Chihiro recalls killing her in the prologue of episode one, the shock wrenching him from his berserk state. Outnumbered, Yuri and Jun leave. Shōko warns him Chihiro he'll die of blood loss fighting like that, shutting down his transformed state. Ikuro is left half a familiar, and Inuki and Koume take him into custody. The group is confused by their knowledge of everything, so Shōko takes the three Vessels to Maldeus Church.

Shōko explains the Church is the stronghold for the Heroic Lineage who fight against Chaos. The Lineage's leader is Dux who tells them the world will be destroyed in 40 years, and the death of the old world will usher in a new one, led by the Lord of Vermilion. If the Lord is not born (all Heroic Vassals are dead) there will be no new world. Thus, the Church must win. At the base of Chaos, Jun and Yuri report three new Heroes are allied with the Church, which their leader, Grumman, finds troubling. He claims the Church is trying to destroy the world to create their personal paradise, according to Van Drail, who agrees and says the world will be destroyed in 40 years because the Church destroys it. Chaos caused the Great Resonance, enabling creatures from other worlds to enter this one using living humans as gates, which they hope to use to kill the Lineage and prevent the world's destruction. Dux tells the Heroes they need to survive, and destroying Tokyo will close the gate and prevent new monster from coming.

At the hospital, Cerdid and Aero return to human forms. Cerdid took Eiko's form after she died in the Great Resonance, but Aero simply attached herself to Tsubasa's form and slept until she was awoke. Aero does not know what happened to Tsubasa, and Kakihara blames Chihiro. Ikuro is in a coma, still half-familiar, but he should not change further. However, they know no cure for him. Inuki states all humans have an Arcana gene, the soul to speak, like creatures from another world. When the resonance between two beings with the Arcana gene strengthens, a gate opens and a monster crosses over. It became possible to create this connection through the Great Resonance. Some could stand being used as gates, like Tsubasa and Eiko, which allowed the familiars to possess them. The rest turned into red mist. Chihiro blames himself for Ikuro's friend's state. Chihiro has a vision with Dux, who says it is all his fault, including what happened 13 years ago. However, he can seek salvation, even if his hands are stained with blood, if he can save the world from despair and win against Chaos. He promises he will.
4"Why Do I Love My Despised Enemy"
"Nikurashī Teki ga Naze ni Shitawashī" (憎らしい敵がなぜに慕わしい)
August 3, 2018 (2018-08-03)

Chihiro uses his high power to unleash energy from his spike, letting him systematically raze Tokyo and destroy the barriers keeping the red mist in place. Without the barrier, the portion of Tokyo it defended crumbled, but the red mist disappeared. He will destroy Tokyo if it means saving the future. Watching are Kotetsu, Koume, Inuki, and Shōko, all Heroic Vassals allied with the Malthus Church. Two barriers are destroyed. If all are destroyed, gates will no longer be able to be opened. Kakihara confronts him about how he must have enjoyed giving in to violence.

Inuki collapses that night, ill, and does not go with Kotetsu, Koume, Chihiro, and Cerdid as they search for barriers to destroy. Jun and Yuri are scolded by Grumman for letting the Church's Heroic Lineage do as they please, and the two use their Heroic Blood to interrupt the Church before they can destroy a barrier. Kotetsu is knocked into the barrier during the fighting and confronted by Tsubaki Manazuru, a Vassal looking for the leader who he begins to fight. Chihiro destroys a barrier under his and Yuri's feet, and the enormous release of energy throws them into a dream world. With Chihiro's Arcana vanished from the world, Cerdid falls and cannot move. Yuri asks if he thinks destroying Tokyo is the right thing, but Chihiro says doing so will stop the familiars. However, Yuri says Tokyo will crumble with the barrier gone and most people trapped in it won't survive. He asks if she thinks it is alright to turn humans into gates and swears he'll stop her. If he can find forgiveness for those he killed by fighting then he will do so. Who cares if he breaks a world made only of despair to do it? Yuri asks him to join with her so they can change the world together, saying she'll vouch for him for the rest of Chaos, which Chihiro knows means she knows how to get out of here. Yuri agrees to show him the way rather then leave him trapped.

Koume overpowers Jun, but is stopped by Minakami Haru, a Vassal and classmate of Chihiro and Kotetsu, allied with Jun and his Blue Skull gang. Kotetsu continues to fight with Tsubaki and her Defender Densuke. Both realize the other thought they were with Chaos and turned people into gates, though neither are. They stop fighting and Tsubaki leaves. Chihiro recalls memories of being with Yuri when they were both children. Yuri states "it is all because of your mother" before leaving.
5"Today's Dark Destiny Will Hang Over the Future"
"Kyō no Kurai Unmei wa, Konosaki Zutto Tarekomeru" (今日の暗い運命は、この先ずっと垂れ込める)
August 10, 2018 (2018-08-10)

Haru and Jun tag-team Koume until Chihiro interrupts. They leave and Jun lets them to check on Yuri, who he thinks was beaten by Chihiro. Shōko says Tsubaki was a member of the Guardian State, an ancient organization that has been protecting Japan before the country was officially formed. Chihiro lies and says he can't remember what happened after he destroyed the barrier. Kakihara enters and says there is a spy, which is how Chaos knew where to ambush them. Even the Guardian State was involved, they knew everything. Shōko says there's no need to speculate randomly and presses they must destroy Tokyo, but the others are more hesitant since Chaos was lying in ambush. The mission is temporarily halted. A troubled Chihiro confides in Inuki he can't remember his childhood or his mother, which amuses a nearby Kakihara. According to Kakihara, 13 years ago, there was an explosion at the AVAL Science research facility, in which Chihiro's mother was responsible for. The nature of the research never went public and Chihiro's mother went missing. Kakihara continues to accuse Chihiro of killing his parents, stating he could tell him how he stabbed his father to help him remember how he killed his mother. After Chihiro and Kotetsu leave the hospital from visiting Ikuro and are stopped by policewoman Kurokami and Tsubkai of the Guardian State. The two don't intend to fight them and ask about Jun, who she thinks is behind a string of grisly murders. Kotetsu agrees to help but Chihiro turns them down. After coming back to his office to see it has been ransacked, Kakihara gets information from Kurokami and tracks down Jun with Aero, who he starts to warm up to. Visiting Ikuro again, Chihiro speaks with Inuki. He believes he can only create despair, saving one by killing another, while Inuki believes they can save everyone.

Inuki vanishes later that night before he can treat Ikuro, his lab in ruins and a window smashed out. After hearing a scream, Tsubaki finds a recent victim from the same chain of murders, but is attacked by the killer, a red wolf-like creature, and saved by Kotetsu. The creature flees and transforms back, revealing it is Inuki covered in his victim's blood. He looks at his bloody hands in horror before screaming.
6"Bright Lights Suit A Dark Heart"
"Kurai Kokoro ni wa Akarui Hikari ga Fusawashī" (暗い心には明るい光が相応しい)
August 17, 2018 (2018-08-17)

Tsubaki tells Kurokami later she didn't see Jun, just familiar and victim, unaware the familiar was actually Inuki. Several Blue Skulls are ordered to find Inuki, but are killed by the transformed Inuki first. Kurome does not tell Chihiro of the state of the lab as she informs him Inuki is just exhausted from his research and he should rest. He keeps looking for him, troubled by a dream he had that Inuki would die (like the way he dreamed Kotetsu's father died). Inuki is human again and almost transforms into the familiar before the Blue Skulls find him. Chihiro also arrives, relieved Inuki is alright, but Inuki pleads with him to stay away. He starts to transform as the Blue Skulls confront Chihiro and jumps into the bay to avoid killing them. Chihiro returns to the Church, where Kakihara reveals Inuki is the traitor. During his investigation he learned Inuki and Jun were raised in the same orphanage, Hikari-en, practically brothers. The orphanage is controlled by the AVAL Science Foundation, which controls the agents of Chaos. AVAL is run by Aldo Grumman Shiraki, Yuri's father. Alone, Kurome confirms to Chihiro Inuki was the traitor. He did so to protect the children of Hikari-en as there is a barrier within the orphanage. If the Church destroys the barrier, the children would die. Kurome was also raised at Hikari-en. The children are guinea pigs for AVAL to learn how to generate the red mist and turn humans into gates. Because Jun, Inuki, and Kurome were Heroic Vassals, they could not be turned into familiars, and were discarded as failures. However, Inuki was still suffering from the side-effects of the experiments, making it harder to remain human.

Visiting his childhood home, he came across Yuri, who is there watering the garden. When he calls her by her full name, she thinks he remembers her, but he only knew her name from Kakihara. She is saddened briefly. Chihiro asks her about his past and sits next to her. On a bridge, Inuki apologizes to Jun for killing his friends, which Jun accepts. Inuki says he can barely hold it together now, even with his Heroic Lineage, and asks Jun kill him before the transformation becomes permanent. Jun refuses, begging him to come back to AVAL to see if they could help but Inuki doesn't want to return there ever again. He wants to die as Jun's brother, not a monster. As he starts to lapse, Jun moves to kill him, only to be stopped by Chihiro. Inuki fully transforms into a familiar and even his Heroic Lineage goes out of control, giving the familiar blood armaments which let him overpower Jun and Chihiro. Trying to stop Inuki, Chihiro goes berserk again. Inuki regains partial control of himself and absorbs Chihiro's power to bring him under control, though he absorbs so much power he dies. He promises Chihiro he can control his power and tells him not to give in to despair.
7"Please Join Our Hands With the Holy Words"
"Dō Ka Futari no te o Seinaru Kotoba de Musunde Kudasai" (どうか二人の手を聖なる言葉で結んでください)
August 24, 2018 (2018-08-24)

Izuki transformed into a red stone upon his death, something that happens to all Heroic Vessels, which Chihiro gives to Kurome. Dux speaks with Shōko, telling her that Chaos makes the Heroic Blood fight each other in hopes they destroy each other. Shōko is frightened as the end of the Heroic Blood means the end of the world and she states they must destroy Tokyo soon. Dux smiles as she adds only one of the Heroic Blood can survive - they will become the new Lord of Vermilion. Shōko smiles at the knowledge, declaring she will become the foundation of the new world. Jun is depressed after the death of Inuki, thinking that Chihiro has enough power to become the Lord of Vermilion. Van Drail is pleased one of the Heroic Blood is finally gone and Grumman says the day of the Second Great Collapse is near, which would have to be paid with even more human lives. Jun says the focus should be the other Heroic Bloods, since they'll interfere, and he'll start with Chihiro, who took his brother from him. He intends to inflict the same suffering on him.

Yuri finds a despondent Chihiro at his childhood home and two sit next to each other. She tells him Chihiro's mother and Yuri's father worked together, and Yuri and Chihiro were there during the explosion 13 years ago. Chirhio's mother was swallowed by another world when the experiment failed, and Yuri's father started using Tokyo to open gates as she and Chihiro became distant.

When Chihiro dozes off he dreams of Kotetsu dying, which he refuses to allow and runs to find him. However, Kotetsu's room is empty. He is on a date with Tsubaki. Jun and Haru follow on their motorcycles. Unable to find Kotetsu, Chihiro confides the dreams to Yuri. He finds Koetetsu at last. Jun is frustrated by his arrival, having wanted to take his time with Kotetsu, but cannot wait any longer. He tells Haru to handle Tsubaki and kidnaps Kotetsu. Chihiro chases him. Chihiro catches up to find Kotetsu hanging upside-down from the tree, like he saw him in the dream. Jun starts to cut into him with his armament's claws, the number overwhelming Chihhiro when he tries to fight back. Jun tells him to hold still or he'll piece Kotetsu's heart, continuing to cut. Yuri helps Chihiro, standing against Jun. A frustrated Jun is forced to flee but returns in time to save Haru from being killed by Tsubaki. Yuri cannot return to AVAL now and Chihiro asks if she'll come with him.
8"Excruciating Sadness Can Be Cured by Other Anguish"
"Shinu Hodo Tsurai Kanashimi mo Betsu no Kunō de Ieru Mono" (死ぬほどつらい悲しみも別の苦悩で癒えるもの)
August 31, 2018 (2018-08-31)

Chihiro has all of the Malthus Church meet up in the red mist, even Kakihara, and invites the five members of the Guardian State as well. The State accuse the Church of destroying the barriers protecting Tokyo, for if they all fall, Tokyo and everyone within will die. However, if they don't fall, humans will keep being turned into gates. The two factions almost come to blows before Chihiro says they can save the world without destroying Tokyo. Yuri shows herself and Shōko attacks her, only for Chihiro to defend her since she saved Kotetsu. He says there is a way for the Heroic Lineage to win without destroying Tokyo: survive. If they live, that's all they need to do to wreck AVAL's plan. If they team up, they stand a good chance of doing that. Shōko remains adamant the only two choices are to let the Heroic Bloodline go extinct or destroy Tokyo but Chihiro points out Yuri had no choice to fight but joined instead. They can change fate. Everyone but Shōko, Julia, Suruga agree to the alliance. Kurokami and Kakihara also disagree but Kurokami shows Kakihara files on the murder of Chihiro's father.

13 years ago: a family committed double suicide. Two weeks later, the family's seven year old son was rescued. The son said he killed his father and fell into a coma, memories gone when he awoke. The cops believed his statement was from confusion so it was treated as a double-suicide rather then murder. Chihiro's father was stabbed with a piece of glass, and the scars of gripping it were left on Chihiro's hand. Unreleased to the public, Chihiro's father left a message before he died telling his son to live. There were also bruise marks on Chihiro's neck, indicating he had been strangled. Kakihara refuses to accept it. Kurokami goes to Malthus Church after she gets a call that AVAL is trying to make a Second Great Collapse. Shōko is also present and states Yuri is deceiving them into making a move. They agree to investigate, Kurokami allying with them, though Shōko promises they'll regret it. Grumman demands to know where Yuri went and Jun lies by saying he knows nothing.

Yuri returns a copy of Tempest Chihiro's mother gave her to him. When he takes it back he remembers when his father trying to strangle him after giving into despair from his wife's disappearance and has a vision of Kurokami dead. Kurokami investigates an abandoned amusement park where AVAL has set up shop, seeing they are artificially creating barriers. She is attacked by a Heroic Vessel allied with AVAL, Kaburagi Kark, and overwhelmed. Chihiro fails to contact Kurokami, prompting Shōko to state Kurokami got what she deserved for falling for an enemy (Yuri's) words. Kurokami then appears at the Church courtyard and dies after showing a map of the artificial barriers. Shōko congratulates Yuri as AVAL is one step closer to their goal. Grumman, Jun, and Haru arrive, her father also congratulating her and telling her she has done her job and can come home, but she tells him she didn't do this. The others turns against Yuri and Chihiro, forcing Yuri to return to AVAL. This makes it look like she merely deceived Chihiro, making it easier on him. Her father beats her upon return to AVAL, knowing she tried to betray them. Chihiro has another vision, but this time it is Kakihara who is dead.
9"Sometimes People Become Cheerful When Faced With Death"
"Shi o Mae ni Shite Hito wa Yōki ni Naru Koto ga aru to iu" (死を前にして人は陽気になることがあるという)
September 7, 2018 (2018-09-07)

Julia and Suruga convince Akira and Tsubaki to leave the Church "sinners" and rejoin the Guardian State. At AVAL, a large group of men, women, and children are turned into familiars with an artificial barrier called a keystone. Shōko berates Chihiro for trusting Yuri and Kakihara says Kurokami died because she trusted him. Koume leaves with Kurokami in her red stone form to continue Inuki's research. Kakihara and Aero also leave, researching the points on the map Kurokami gave them. Chihiro follows but is found out and Kakihara guesses he dreamed his death. Kakihara states Chihiro doesn't want to save him, merely change the dreams and fate so he and Yuri don't have to kill each other. Chihiro pleads he wants to prevent deaths and Kakihara leaves. To himself, Kakihara realizes his eyes had changed, he was trying to live. Kakihara admits to Chihiro he survived a family suicide to. They were forced into debt and his parents ran the car off a cliff, Kakihara thrown out of the car so only he survived, abandoned. He asks why Chihiro rejected his father's wish to die with him, but Chihiro says he doesn't care about living. There must be a reason he lived though, so he doesn't want to die. Kakihara says his eyes are no longer darkened with hate and despair, begging for forgiveness. Kotetsu passes on the warning of Chihiro's dream to Tsubkai, who agrees to help.

Chihiro accompanies Kakihara and Aero to visit the GPS points on Kurokami's map, Kakihara not even sure why he's working with Chihiro. They arrive at the same keystone where Kurokami was attacked. There's no point in Shōko destroying the old barriers with these new ones being put up. Kark appears and attacks, though Aero saves Kakihara and Kakihara is shocked to recognize the famous pianist. Chihiro hallucinates he is being attacked by those he "killed" due to Kaburagi and is captured, unable to manifest his blood armaments. Kakihara is wounded while trying to free him and Aero sacrifices herself for Kakihara, her last words ordering him to live. Kakihara attacks but his wounds trouble him and he is cut down. Cerdid arrives, temporarily forcing Kark to fall back. Kakihara admits making him admit his guilt was his life's purpose. He didn't want to acknowledge his parents rejected him, since they should have taken him with them if they loved him, so he couldn't forgive how Chihiro refused to die with his father. However, it seems he was wrong. He tells Chihiro what he learned from the case documents. After Chihiro stabbed his father, his father stopped trying to strangle him, returning to his senses. Fearing he would kill his son or Chihiro would be branded a murderer he used the shard to commit seppuku. He drew the word "live" with his own blood before he died, his final request of his son. Realizing he didn't kill him, Chihiro's grief is lifted and he breaks free of the spell, creating his blood armaments. Tsubaki and Kotetsu arrive and Chihiro tells them Kark killed Kurokami, the two forcing him to flee. Cerdid is unable to heal Kakihara's wounds and he dies after forgiving Chihiro.

Shōko speaks with Dux, expressing her concern that at this rate the Heroic Lineage will be wiped out. Dux agrees it will likely happen again, confusing Shōko. Again? Dux instead says that if the last keystone is connected, Chaos will win and Shōko vows she won't let that happen. However, Dux says they cannot retreat until they are down to only one Heroic Vassal, to which Shōko also agrees.
10"My Soul Calls My Name"
"Waga na o Tobu no wa, Waga Tamashī" (我が名を呼ぶのは、我が魂)
September 14, 2018 (2018-09-14)

The Infinity Theater has recently finished construction, sponsored by AVAL. The famous pianist Kark will perform at the opening concert, and Grumman tells the construction foreman that AVAL is concerned with making people happy and spared no cost. A giant trapdoor is built into the stage, where the keystone will be placed. The alliance is reformed between the Church and State, with the new goal of stopping AVAL's plan, but only Akira and Tsubaki join. Dux agrees to the alliance and shows them the six installed keystones, who have created barriers around each other so they cannot be harmed. If the seventh is turned online and the system completed, the Second Great Collapse will occur, which will mean the death of the Heroic Bloodline as they are overwhelmed by the number of familiars. The final keystone is at Infinity Theater. Grumman declares this will be the final fight with Kark at the forefront and Chiyu supporting, for she is his masterpiece, far more than Yuri ever was. Jun asks if he abandoned Yuri the same way he abandoned the experimental subjects (Jun, Koume, and Inuki), but Yuri's father warns him he had best be useful if he doesn't want to be scrapped and assigns him to guard the other six sites. Jun protests as Chihiro will surely be at the seventh site, but it is because he no longer trusts Jun to prioritize protecting the final keystone over killing Chihiro. Jun tells Yuri he should have killed her and Chihiro earlier and Haru tell Yuri this is her fault and orders her to lure Chihiro out so Jun can kill him.

Haru gives Tsubaki a flyer that tells the Malthus group of Kark's concert at the Infinity Theater, which they didn't know beforehand. That makes the audience hostages, but Shōko coldly states some sacrifices are inevitable. Chihiro states AVAL use certain sounds to turn humans into gates, so if they defeat Kark before he can play his piano they have a chance. As the concert hall fills up, Haru goes to Jun and tells him Chihiro is coming to the concert since he gave them a flyer as bait. Jun has his Blue Skulls dress up as concert security to keep him informed. When the Malthus group approach, Kark turns the Blue Skulls into familiars so they attack the group and goes inside to play, stopping the group. Haru knocks Chihiro out of the sky but stops when he sees Akira among the attackers. Akira's familiar Elsbernd is revealed to be the Chihiro in the sky. The real Chihiro bursts through the ceiling at Kark, only to be stopped from a fatal blow by Jun. Kark's piano music turns the audience into red mist, absorbing them into a single giant familiar. Chihiro, shocked at the failure, is stabbed by Jun but declares he'll honor Inuki's wish and save everyone, smashing Jun's blood armament. Letting Chihiro handle him, the rest fight the familiar. Chihiro defeats Jun but it is Kark who impales him with the scythe, congratulating him on drawing out the qualities Lord of Vermilion from Chihiro and killing him, stating he wanted to see Chihiro's beautiful despair. Haru tries to kill Kark to avenge Jun and Akira jumps in front of him to save him from Kark's scythe, however, Kark lengthens the scythe so it stabs both of them. Chihiro goes berserk, but manages to control it and kill the giant familiar. Shōko destroys the keystone in the theater. Kark escapes.

Distraught that they can't cause a Second Great Collapse, Grumman asks Chiyu what he should do. Chiyu, calling him father, agrees to help.
11"The Delicate Flower Bud is Both Medicine and Poison"
"Kayowaki Hana no Tsubomi ni wa, Yaku mo Areba Doku mo Aru" (か弱き花の蕾には、薬もあれば毒もある)
September 21, 2018 (2018-09-21)

Yuri is pleased when the Second Great Collapse is stopped, believing it meant there was no reason for them to fight anymore, only for her father to declare the real battle started now. Chiyu's wisdom will lead them to victory. When Yuri's father berates Kark for his failure, Kark coolly says he is his ally, not his subordinate. Since Yuri is present, Kark says Chihiro should be their primary target and lies that he killed Jun and Haru, which Van Drail backs up, adding that he opened the gate to kill the audience members. Grumman plays along and adds that using the concert-goers as a shield was the worst-case scenario since it didn't stop the Church members. Yuri is left in shock.

Shōko happily reports she prevented the Second Great Collapse to Dux, but the other members congratulate only Chihiro for his combat prowess, which frustrates her. When Cerdid calls Chihiro the Lord of Vermilion, Shōko angrily interrupts them as her deeds make her the best candidate for that. They are dubious given Chihiro's strength and Dux does not answer Shōko when she calls to her, leaving her distraught. In the hospital, it is revealed Haru and Akira are both alive thanks to Cerdid, and Kotetsu remarks how awful Shōko was, walking by the two to destroy the keystone. Since she stopped the Second Great Collapse, Chihiro decides not to press the issue. Shōko realizes all she has to do to become the Lord of Vermilion is kill Chihiro and the others. However, she is killed by Kark first and the Church is burned down by a fallen candle.

Chiyu takes Grummen to a house beneath AVAL built identical to Chihiro's childhood home. Chiyo tells him that if they absorb the ley line energy at the remaining six keystones they can still open the gates. Doing it this way will lead to Tokyo being swallowed to another world. Grummen reveals he's been trying to bring Chihiro's mother Mitsuki to him, but this way he can go to her. He doesn't care what he has to destroy Tokyo or the world to do it. Chiyo begins, the system recognizing her ID as Mitsuki. Above, Yuri watches a doctored video showing Chihiro defeating Jun, Akira, and Haru. Grummen states he has been seduced by power and he's no longer the Chihiro she loved, merely a victim whose consciousness is being consumed by the Lord of Vermilion. He says Yuri is the only one who can stop him from becoming the Lord of Vermilion and save him.

The other heroes find Shōko's red stone and Dux tells them AVAL has a new plan - to take Tokyo to another world. Kurome asks if they should stop them, since the destruction of Tokyo was their original plan. Yuri meets Chihiro at their childhood home while Cerdid spies. Chihiro says he still likes Yuri, relieving Yuri who believes the video she saw was a lie after all. Chihiro disagrees and says he killed the concertgoers after all, and he had no choice but to kill them. He had to kill a few to save the rest, and Yuri realizes he has changed. She begs him not to fight anymore, fearful his power would destroy him, but he has to honor the wishes of Inuki and Kakihara. Yuri disagrees. She needs Chihiro, no one else. They should run away and abandon everyone to be together, but Chihiro apologizes, walking away. Yuri realizes she has to save Chihiro after all, transforming. Again, Chihiro recalls the two of them killing each other in the first episode. Cerdid ensnares Yuri in plants, slowly strangling her, stating Chihiro started treating her coldly while spending time with Yuri. She fears her master will die with her. She will stop her, even if it means her master hates her for the rest of her life. Yuri's kills Cerdid and flees.

Chiyo begins the transfer of power, which makes the AVAL building collapse and the house at the bottom and keystones rise. Chihiro, Kotetsu, Koume, and Tsubaki, the last four, fly to AVAL.
12"The World is Vast and Infinite"
"Sekai wa Hiroku, Hateshinai" (世界は広く、果てしない)
September 28, 2018 (2018-09-28)

Using the equipment Mitsuki and Grummen designed together, the gate is opening. Kark stops the Church member and Chihiro agrees to fight him, knowing that's what Kark wants, and the other three go on to save Tokyo. Kark lets them go. Using the people below, Kark summons Jormangandr, the serpent who eats the world, to fight him. Dux appears behind the other three and states the mansion they are looking at is where Mitsuki and Grumman once conducted their research and their goal. Chihiro struggles in his fight but goes berserk to wound Jormangandr. However, he is stabbed by Kark before and knocked to the ground. While unconscious, he has a vision of his own death. Dux asks how he would like to die, showing him four different ways he previously died: slashed by Jun, stabbed by the half-familiar Inuki, strangled by Kakihara, and he and Yuri killing each other. She reveals the dreams were his memories and this "play" has been performed many times before. The events change but the end is the same, with the dreams a warning to keep him from making the same mistakes. At the end of each play, Chihiro uses his power as Lord of Vermilion to start it over again in a new world, seeking forgiveness he is never given. Dux wonders if he can change the script and Chihiro vows he will. The number of familiars blocking the way are endless, so Tsubaki and Kotetsu offer to hold them off while Kurome goes ahead, knowing they need to save Tokyo. Grummen sends Chiyu to kill Kurome, even though leaving her increases the chance the gate goes out of control. If the gate is closed before he sees Mitsuki, he will lose everything. Chiyo disagrees and says he tries to manipulate everyone, her Yuri, Mitsuki, by saying he loves them, even though his love is only for himself. Chiyu tells him Mitsuki never loved him, and even if he opens the gate, she won't return to him - just her family. Kurome breaks in but is ignored, Grummen declaring he won't believe it and leaving. Chiyu has no need to see how this ends, but is curious and fights Kouma.

Chihiro fully enters his Lord of Vermilion state, allowing him to defeat Jormungandr, a god who brought a world to end. Kark declares his existence is an affront to the gods of death as Chihiro cuts through his familiar and slices off his hands before killing him. Tsubaki and Kotetsu are being worn down by the sheer number of familiars, but Julia and Suruga arrive and help them, as they exist to protect Tokyo. Kurome and Chiyu fight, damaging the machines controlling the gate. Without the machines, the gate spirals out of control, fully opening and incinerating the mansion. Grummen declares he is coming for Mitsuki and Drail shoves him into the gate to speed him along. Out of control, the gate will eventually consume the world. Chihiro intends to use his status as the closest candidate to the Lord of Vermilion to close the gate, only for Yuri and Jorumngandr to stand in his way. He does not want to kill her again but Yuri intends to kill him herself to save him from becoming the Lord of Vermilion. Yuri and Chihiro charge each other and it looks like the final scene of the last timeline will be repeated, only for Chihiro to fly by and kill Jorumungandr, as he says he could never kill Yuri, who is so precious to him. Yuri realizes he hasn't changed after all and apologizes. Drail leaves, disappointed. Yuri and Chihiro seem to enter the gate together, only for Chihiro to push Yuri away and enter alone, telling Yuri to live. The gate closes, swallowing Chihiro.

Yuri, Tsubaki, Kotetsu, Akira, Haru, Kurome, and Chiyu move into Chihiro's childhood house and begin working together to find a way to open the gate and bring him back. Julia and Suruga are seen patrolling Tokyo, killing leftover familiars, when Suruga is approached by a smiling Drail.


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