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A Lord of the Bedchamber, previously known as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber was a courtier in the Royal Household of the King of the United Kingdom and the Prince of Wales. A Gentleman of the Bedchamber's duties originally consisted of assisting the King with his dressing, waiting on him when he ate in private, guarding access to him in his bedchamber and closet and providing companionship. The offices were in the gift of The Crown and were originally sworn by Royal Warrant directed to the Lord Chamberlain. From 1660, the first Lord of the Bedchamber was Groom of the Stole.

This is an incomplete list of noblemen who have served as Lord of the Bedchamber:

Lords of the Bedchamber to Edward, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII (1866–1901)[edit]

Following Edward's accession to the throne, Baron Suffield was gazetted as a "Lord in Waiting" to the King.

Lords of the Bedchamber to George, Prince of Wales (1901–1910), later King George V (1901–1910)[edit]

Following George's accession to the throne, Baron Annaly was initially gazetted as "Lord of the Bedchamber in Waiting" to the king;[4] but was subsequently referred to as "Lord in Waiting".

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