Lord of the Birdcage

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Lord of the Birdcage
Lord of the Birdcage.jpg
Studio album by Robert Pollard
Released June 7, 2011
Genre indie rock
Label Guided by Voices Inc.
Producer Todd Tobias
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Lord of the Birdcage
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Lord of the Birdcage is the 16th full-length solo studio album released by singer-songwriter Robert Pollard since 1996. It was scheduled for a June 7, 2011, release[needs update].[1]

Pollard has inverted his usual songwriting method for this album, basing each track around a previously written poem.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Smashed Middle Finger"
  2. "Aspersion"
  3. "Dunce Codex"
  4. "Garden Smarm"
  5. "You Can't Challenge Forward Progress"
  6. "In a Circle"
  7. "You Sold Me Quickly"
  8. "The Focus (Burning)"
  9. "Ribbon of Fat"
  10. "Silence Before Violence"
  11. "Holy Fire"
  12. "Ash Ript Telecopter"


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