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This article is about the card game. For the album by "Capitol Steps", see Capitol Steps. For the episode of "15/Love", see 15/Love. For the novel "Lord of the Fries and Other Stories", see Tim Wynne-Jones.
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Lord of the Fries is a card game created by James Ernest and published by Cheapass Games and Steve Jackson Games. In 2008 Steve Jackson Games released a new edition with revised game components. Lord of the Fries takes place at Friedey's: The Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned. Other games that take place there include Give Me the Brain and Change!.

Game Play[edit]

Lord of the Fries is set in the kitchen of Friedey's where your main task is to create meals using different food cards to earn points and get rid of cards.[1] The meals are taken from various menus including those of Ratherbee's Steakhouse, Ghicciaroni's, Friedey's Restaurant, Friedey's Long Wok, Love's Labours Lunch, and the Holiday Menu. You combine meals with humorous names like Chickacheezabunga, Sheep wit' da Fishes, Lying Dead on the Floor, Manifest Destiny, Penne for Your Tots, Synaptic Relay Deteriorator, An Unbearable Likeness of Beans, Godfather, Bovine Spongiform Yum, Yum, Yum!, the enormous Magna Carta with a side of fries, and the Lord of the Fries.


Lord of the Fries was in the Games magazine Games 100 list of 2003.


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