Lord of the Sword

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Lord of the Sword
Lord of the Sword box.jpg
Box art
Developer(s) Sega[1]
Platform(s) Sega Master System[1]
Genre(s) Fantasy action-adventure role-playing game[1]
Mode(s) Single-player
Sound PSG, Yamaha YM2413 FM

Lord of the Sword (ロード オブ ソード?, "Lord of Sword")[2] is side scrolling action-adventure RPG video game for the Sega Master System. The game is based in a medieval fantasy setting. It is similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.[3]


The Demon Lord Ra Goan once again spreads terror on Baljinya as he had done a thousand years ago. But now the kingdom's king has been killed by Ra Goan, putting the kingdom in disarray as there is no one next in line for the throne. A council of elders have decided that the rightful one to take over the throne will have to pass three tests. Landau embarks on the quest to save his beloved land and starts to find the wizard in Anon.


Landau is armed with a sword for close combat, and a bow for ranged combat. The Kingdom of Baljinya has towns and villages where Landau can stop to rest (restoring his health) and gather information from the people. There are also castles which can only be entered after completing certain tasks. Each time the player has the opportunity to speak with a character, he should talk with the character several times in succession in order to get all possible messages. If he does not get all possible messages, bosses and secret paths in the game will not appear. If something doesn't appear for the player, he will most likely need to speak with a character, or speak with a character additional times. There are different kinds of terrains between those villages, towns and castles. Flatlands, dark forests, mountains and swamps make up the rest of the landscape.

Those terrains are plagued by different kinds of monsters, some specific of each terrain. If killed, the player has up to ten continues to complete the quests. When faced with a boss monster, the player will need to hit its weak point or at its weak moment. Often when a boss monster is destroyed, Landau is rewarded with a better sword or better bow which deals more damage.


After defeating the final enemy in the game, Landau is informed that he has passed the final test of courage, and has become the new king. All the peasants ask the player to rebuild the kingdom into a strong and powerful entity. Five years later, the Kingdom of Baljinya has returned to prosperity, and is at peace with itself.[4]


Allgame gave Lord of the Sword an overall rating of 2 stars out of a possible 5.[5]


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