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Loren E. Lomasky is an American philosopher, currently the Cory Professor of Political Philosophy, Policy and Law at the University of Virginia.


Lomasky earned his PhD from the University of Connecticut, and has previously taught at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, the University of Minnesota in Duluth, and the Australian National University in Canberra. He has also been a contributing editor to Reason magazine.

Lomasky has written principally on ethics and political philosophy. His book Persons, Rights, and the Moral Community established his reputation as a leading advocate of a rights-based libertarian approach to moral and social issues. Besides these, his teaching interests include the philosophy of religion, medieval philosophy, and other periods in the history of philosophy.

Lomasky has been the recipient of many awards including the 1991 Matchette Prize for his Persons, Rights, and the Moral Community. Professor Lomasky has held research appointments sponsored by the NEH, the Center for the Study of Public Choice, the Australian National University and Bowling Green's Social Philosophy and Policy Center.

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