Loren Wiseman

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Loren Wiseman
Loren Wiseman.jpg
Loren Wiseman
Nationality American
Occupation Wargame and role-playing game designer, game developer, and editor

Loren Wiseman is an American wargame and role-playing game designer, game developer, and editor.


Game Designers' Workshop[edit]

Loren Wiseman co-founded Game Designers' Workshop with Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, and Rich Banner, on June 22, 1973.[1]:53 Wiseman published Eagles[2] (later published by Avalon Hill as Caesar's Legions[3]), his first wargame, through Game Designers' Workshop in 1974. As a partner at GDW, his primary responsibilities were game development - editing and revising game manuscripts and preparing them for publication. During this period he designed the wargame Pharsalus[4] (1977), and wrote the award-winning Twilight: 2000 role-playing adventure Going Home.

Wiseman helped Marc Miller design Traveller (1977).[1]:54 Wiseman was editor of the Journal of the Travellers Aid Society (24 issues),[1]:55 and its successor Challenge magazine (53 issues).

Wiseman brought on J. Andrew Keith and William H. Keith, Jr. to begin freelancing for GDW in 1978 or 1979, and the three of them set up a lot of the early tone for the Traveller universe.[1]:56 Wiseman took over as the line editor for Twilight: 2000 after the line got going, and did much of the editing, production and development.[1]:57

Steve Jackson Games[edit]

When GDW closed in 1995, Wiseman was unemployed for a short time and then worked a succession of part-time jobs before being offered a job at Steve Jackson Games as Art Director and Traveller Line Editor.[citation needed] Steve Jackson brought on Wiseman to produce the GURPS Traveller (1998) line.[1]:111 He wrote GURPS Traveller and several supporting products, including GURPS Traveller Nobles and The Interstellar Wars.[5]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Wiseman received the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Adventure for Twilight: 2000 Going Home. He was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame in 2003.

He was honored as a "famous game designer" by being featured as the king of clubs in Flying Buffalo's 2010 Famous Game Designers Playing Card Deck.[6]


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