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LorenzoArs (Lorenzo Di Giacomo), born in 1970 in Italy, is an Italian artist. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


LorenzoArs, originally from Abruzzo in Italy, is active in the artistic scenario in the nineties. He started his career at Bologna in Italy, trained at Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and exposing in art galleries of that area. His artistic production ranges from sculpture to video art. The poetic research has made use of different experiences, techniques and materials, from intaglio to sculpture (terracotta, marble, wood, various metals), from the trompe l'oeil to painting restoration. Since '93 he has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. At the same time he led his artistic research through the use of new technologies, ranging from 'digital art to computer graphics and expanding the art practice through the video and photography . In the field of 'advertising he created commercials and musical video. It also has assets of various publications both editorial and photographic.


The theoretical basis of the poetics of lorenzoArs is in his assumption: "sign and subject originate the form". The form, for the artist, also in the artworks in which it is not recognizable, always originates from a merger: that between man and nature, between inside and outside, between physicality and spirituality. This concept is expressed by lorenzoArs both in sculpture and in photography. As sculptor he mixes materials such as copper with clay, preferring those who "rise from the earth," preserving their characteristics even after having them processed. In working with marble, for example, he does not lead it never to final polishing, but leaves it to a stage where we can still recognize the signs of the artist intervention. For this reason his figures seem to grow and emerge from the earth, almost primordial still wrapped in their shells. Several art critics have labeled his work to feelings of imprisonment or otherwise, of liberation, but they are agreed in affirming that his works are able to convey a strong emotional feeling. The same vital tension, the same movement from outside to inside is expressed with photography. Here the shapes emerge from the darkness to the light and take soft edges but also their impressive volumes. The primary intent of lorenzoArs is, in fact, that of wanting to sculpt by means of light, to make tangible the material of which the shape is formed, through a technique, that of photography, that has a two-dimensional nature. The material, for lorenzoArs, is not only the material of art, that from which the artist draws its forms and that sometimes is reluctant, as in the case of the stone, to be shaped by his hand, but also, to cite the philosophical matter, the primordial substance which is the foundation of all things, such as what already exists in reality. The form, in turn, is not for him something different or even opposite to content - almost like an ornament - but is itself generated from the content present in the mind of the artist, the idea underlying the creation.

Main works, awards and commissions[edit]

  • (1995) ORIGO IN formam - Publication Catalogue of Works
  • (1995) "Carrera '95" - Realization Sculptural Work "Trophy M.Ragazzi" - commission of the municipality of Castel San Pietro (BO) - (Sculptural work, different materials: copper marble and terracotta)
  • (1998) 6 Sculptural Works - Ski School Project - 5circolo Middle School S. Nicholas T (TE) - (Sculptural works in terracotta patina with gold leaf)
  • (1997) Restoration - Paintings of the time - committee of the Curia of Teramo Atri - Frondarola Church (Teramo)
  • (2001) Art Direction and Creative Manager CD Music - Il prezzo delle cose - Pierluigi De Luca - Edizioni Musicomania
  • (2003) Art Direction and Creative Manager CD Music -Quella strada dove camminare - Pierluigi De Luca - Edizioni UDU Records
  • (2003) Art Direction and Creative Manager Music CD - 'Mbollo - Kisito Band - Editions Musicomania
  • (2005) Design and construction decorative backdrops and vehicles for Torino 2006 - Torino 2006 Olympic Committee
  • (2004/2006) Art Direction Vodafone Italy - advertising campaigns
  • (2006) Directed by Fashion - Belle Allure I ed. - Art Director fashion show - (TE)
  • (2007) Directed by Fashion - Belle Allure II ed. - Art Director fashion show - (TE)
  • (2007) Art Direction and Creative Manager Music CD - Zefiro
  • (2007) Creation, Direction, Production and post production - VideoClip music - Que Diferencia Ves for Zefiro album. Roberto Sbraccia - Edizioni Musicomania
  • (2008) Art Direction / Set Design - Theater Performance - Stanze - (Teramo)
  • (1999/2009) Art Direction - Live Tour Masters - Art Direction Tour - (Italy)
  • (2009) Art Direction and Creative Manager of 22secondi
  • (2009) Creative Direction, Production and post production - TV Spot Video - 22secondi
  • (2009/2010) Art Direction and Creative Manager, Curator - 22secondi photo exhibition - Rome, Sala Umberto, Cassino, Roccasecca (FR), Avezzano Castle, Rome Opera House, Avezzano, Teramo Università degli Studi, Giulianova (TE), Pescara, Roseto (TE) Award "G. Fava "
  • (20013) Cover and anatomical illustrations of Handbook of athletic training and rehabilitation, edited by D. Carli, S. Di Giacomo, G. Pigs, published by C.G. Editions medical and scientific


Our dear Eugene (Delacroix) suggests: the important thing is to avoid the infernal ease of the stroke. Make the rather difficult subject to work as marble, it would be a new thing .... make matter rebel x win with patience ...[1]



  1. ^ 2002 Diary, 1804-1863 Eugène Delacroix, published by The millennia, edited by Lamberto Vitali. Translation of Lamberto Vitali

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