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Lorenzo Cybo Malaspina (20 July 1500 – 14 March 1549) was an Italian general, who was duke of Ferentillo.

Born at Sampierdarena (in what is modern Genoa), he was the son of Franceschetto Cybo and Maddalena de' Medici, daughter of Lorenzo de' Medici and his uncle was Pope Leo X. His paternal grandfather was Pope Innocent VIII. The latter pushed him to marry Ricciarda Malaspina, heir of the Malaspina family, by which he founded the Cybo-Malaspina family, including later the marquisses and princes of Massa-Carrara.

A skilled soldier, he held the position of commander-in-chief of the Papal Army. His sons Giulio and Alberico held in succession the lordship of Massa and Carrara after Lorenzo's death, under the tutorage of their mother Ricciarda.

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