Lorenzo Franciosini

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Lorenzo Franciosini di Castelfiorentino (*Castelfiorentino, ca. 1600 - † after 1645) was an Italian Hispanist, translator, lexicographer and grammarian from the 16th century.

He wrote an excellent Vocabolario italiano, e spagnolo (Rome, 1620), a Grammatica spagnuola ed italiana (Venice, 1624), and some works in Latin: De particulis Italicae orationis […] (Florence, 1637), Fax linguae Italicae (Florence, 1638); Compendium facis linguae Italicae (1667).

He is author of an important translation of Don Quixote, the first one in Italian: L’ingegnoso cittadino Don Chisciotte della Mancia (Venice, 1622, 1st part; 1625, 2nd part, 1625), the Rodamontate o bravate spagnole (Venice, 1627) and the Dialoghi piacevoli (Venice, 1626).[1]