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For list of Loreto Schools worldwide, see Loreto College.
Loreto School, crest

The Loreto Schools are a group of all-girl Roman Catholic schools throughout the world associated with the Sisters of Loreto and run by Loreto Educational Society (Loreto Nuns), which in India run 17 schools and 2 colleges. They originated in Ireland in the 1850s so as to combat the growing Protestant influence in English education in the then British-controlled Ireland. Its chief purpose was to ensure top-quality Catholic education for Irish Catholic girls. It spread to India and Australia in the 1870s.

Loreto Schools in India[edit]

Venerable Mary Ward, I.B.V.M., (1585 – 1645), who founded the order, Sisters of Loreto in 1609.

In Kolkata, India, Loreto schools are located at 7 Middleton Row (Loreto House - the largest and most prestigious of the group), Sealdah, Entally, Bowbazar Elliot Road and Dharmatala. There are Loreto schools in other cities across India including Darjeeling, Delhi, Lucknow (having two) and Asansol. The schools engage in charitable activities and on academic and all-round development of the students.[1]

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