Lori Stadium

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Lori Stadium
Vanadzor, Lori stadium 14.06.2007.jpg
Lori Stadium
Location Vanadzor, Armenia
Owner Football Federation of Armenia
Capacity 5,000
Surface grass
Built 1965
Lori (1965-2006)
Vanadzor (1992)

Lori Stadium (Armenian: Լոռի Մարզադաշտ) is a multi-use stadium in Vanadzor, Armenia, currently used for football matches. It was built in 1965.

Lori Stadium was home to FC Lori and FC Vanadzor. The stadium is able to host 5,000 spectators.

Future plans[edit]

Lori Stadium was owned by the Vanadzor municipality until October 2010 when it was donated to the Football Federation of Armenia in an effort to renovate the stadium and to establish a modern football academy on the adjacent area. However, in August 2011, the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor Office, appealed against the Vanadzor municipality to abolish the donation process.[1]

The stadium was scheduled to be renovated between 2011 and 2013, with a cost of US dollars 3 million. However, it did not witness any renovation process up to day.[2]


Coordinates: 40°47′50″N 44°29′38″E / 40.79722°N 44.49389°E / 40.79722; 44.49389