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Lorielle London, 2011

Lorielle London (born 24 December 1983 in Birkenfeld, Germany; birth name Lorenzo Woodard) is a German transgender entertainer.


Lorielle London was born in 1983 in Birkenfeld to a German fashion seamstress and an American soldier and grew up in nearby Baumholder.

From childhood until her television debut, she worked exclusively in various performing and visual artistic professions. Lorielle was discovered in a children's art school of by an art professor and began to study painting at the university of Idar-Oberstein at the age of 12. In the following years her works were displayed in various exhibitions for sale. Her mother acted as her agent.[1]

Lorielle discovered her love for singing in an American gospel choir. As a solo performer she made several appearances at festivals, giving concerts, and was hired as lead vocalist for various bands.[2]

In addition, she devoted herself to a form of acrobatics called 'contortion', which she trained and performed for 17 years. At that time she was one of the very few professional male contortionists in Germany.[3]

Due to a drastic voice change during puberty, she gave up her singing ambitions and decided to follow in her mother's footsteps to study fashion design.[4]


Under her former name "Lorenzo", Lorielle entered as a contestant for the second season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (German Idol) in 2003. After not making it through in the first season, she applied the following season with the song 'I Just Called to Say I Love You' by Stevie Wonder and eventually finished in tenth place out of 40,000 applicants.[5] Although her singing talent was prominent, she attracted attention with her androgynous appearance and gestures that were often discussed and ridiculed in satirical programs.[6] Lorielle says that she had to learn how to accept this new image very quickly that was contrary to her previous life as an artist.[7]

Other Work[edit]

After leaving German Idol the interest in her as an entertainer remained. She appeared in different series, shows and numerous celebrity and lifestyle-news broadcasts. In 2004, Lorielle, among others, entered the reality TV show "Die Alm" (The Farm) . Die Alm which, after initial airing received low ratings, increased its viewership dramatically once Lorielle was hired. The television network Pro7 then decided to extend the series by an extra week and Lorielle remained until the final.[8] Following the program Lorielle regularly appeared on various tabloid shows on Sat.1. Such as "Das Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen" (German Morning Show).[9] She made her acting debut in 2006, in a comedy remake of 'little red riding hood'. The Movie was released under the title "Die ProSieben Märchenstunde: Rotkäpchen - Wege zum Glück" .[10]

In autumn of 2006 Lorielle London came out publicly as transgender and announced that her artist name for the future would be 'Lory Glory'. In addition, she underwent feminisation surgery. [11] The gospel singer 'Lori Hölzel' with the artist name 'Lori Glori' procured a court order that forbade Lorielle from using that particular choice of name due to likelihood of confusion. The transgender entertainer then became "Lorielle London".[12]

Lorielle London (Life Ball 2009)

In January 2009 Lorielle entered as a contestant on the German version of 'I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here' on RTL Television.[13] Despite all preconceptions, one of the most respected German newspapers named ‘FAZ’ described her performance as "human, vulnerable and real“.[14] In the end she finished second behind actress Ingrid van Bergen.

Since then she has been active as a TV host, reporter and co-anchor. RTL hired Lorielle as a red carpet correspondent for the Echo Award ceremony (the biggest German music award ceremony) She interviewed celebrity's such as Taylor Swift and Lionel Richie, to name a few.[15] For the German Idol Finale 2009, she returned for the special "Night of the Superstars" this time as backstage reporter.[16] As a celebrity guest and co-host on "Big Brother" Germany, she co-hosted with TV presenter Miriam Pielhau and later made two more celebrity-guest appearances on Big Brother in 2010.[17]

The television production company Norddeich TV hired her in 2011 for a show called "Die Schulermittler" (the school investigators) to coach a young Transsexual.The show aired on 19 October 2011 on RTL[18] In the same year she moved to London with her partner.[19]

In 2012 Lorielle London appeared on the RTL - Show Total Blackout. Where she won against candidates like Roberto Blanco and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and eventually became "Queen of dark“[20] She also worked as a Reporter on the RTL Nitro show called ‘Ich bin ein star holt mich hier raus- das Magazin” in 2013, where she reported daily on current events.[21]

Television appearances[edit]

Lorielle London has been in several television productions as both a contestant and Actress on:


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