Lorna Doone (1934 film)

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Lorna Doone
"Lorna Doone" (1934).jpg
Directed by Basil Dean
Produced by Basil Dean
Written by R.D. Blackmore (novel)
Dorothy Farnum
Miles Malleson
Gordon Wellesley
Starring Victoria Hopper
John Loder
Margaret Lockwood
Roy Emerton
Music by Ernest Irving
Armstrong Gibbs
Cinematography Robert Martin
Edited by Jack Kitchin
Distributed by Associated British
Release date
19 December 1934
Running time
90 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Lorna Doone is a 1934 British historical drama film directed by Basil Dean and starring Victoria Hopper, John Loder and Margaret Lockwood.[1] It is based on the novel Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore. This was the third screen version of the novel, and the first with sound; a further cinema adaptation followed in 1951.[2]


Critical reception[edit]

The New York Times wrote (in an article about British movies), "another recent British film, Lorna Doone, based on Black-more's thoroughly English novel, with its scenario in the West Country, has scored no more of a success on its London showing than did The Dictator. Cynics say that the choice of subject and scenario is not all the battle, and that until British producers realize that in the making of pictures the chief essential is not to be dull, Elstree will trail a long, long way behind Hollywood in the best selling markets of the word" ;[3] while the Radio Times noted "Margaret Lockwood, in her screen debut, is a ravishing beauty. The story still holds water, even if the acting and the techniques of 1934 may leak a bit."[4]


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