Lorong Chuan

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Lorong Chuan
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 罗弄泉
 • Malay Lorong Chuan
 • Tamil லோரோங் சுவான்
Current street sign of Lorong Chuan
Current street sign of Lorong Chuan
Country  Singapore

Lorong Chuan is a subzone and precinct located in the town of Serangoon in the North-East Region of Singapore.

The road which the precinct is named after, links the Central Expressway to Serangoon Garden Way in Serangoon Gardens. It is in the north-eastern region of Singapore. The area around the street is named after this road. There are both public and private housing flanking the street.

It is now served by the Lorong Chuan MRT Station on the Circle MRT Line. Several bus routes plies through Lorong Chuan vicinity - these include 45, 58, 73, 105 and 159 of which it passes through Lorong Chuan.

History and Etymology[edit]

Construction on the road started in 1963 and first opened sometime in 1964-65. The area used to contain farmland and kampungs. The name "Lorong Chuan" means "Fountain" in Hokkien, an auspicious name referring to wealth and prosperity.

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