Los últimos héroes

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Los Últimos Héroes
Menudo Los últimos héroes.jpg
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1989
Menudo chronology
Sombras Y Figuras
(1988)Sombras Y Figuras1988
Los Últimos Héroes
Os Ultimos Herois
(1990)Os Ultimos Herois1990

Los Últimos Héroes (1989) is Menudo's 28th album (19th in Spanish). Produced and recorded in Caracas, Venezuela, by Willie Croes (producer and husband of Brazilian-singer Elisa Rego).

It features Sergio Blass, Rubén Gómez, Angelo García, Robert Avellanet, and new member Rawy Torres replacing Ricky Martin. This was also the name used by these members years later to reunite for a series of concerts in Puerto Rico and the rest of Latin America in 2005.

Track list[edit]

  1. Los Últimos Héroes (Carlos Lara)
  2. Sin Tu Amor (Juan Carlos Pérez Soto)
  3. Por Primera Vez (Fernando Osorio)
  4. Qué Pena (Fernando Osorio)
  5. Giro (Juan Carlos Pérez Soto)
  6. Viejos Amigos (Carlos Lara)
  7. Ahora Sé (Fernando Osorio)
  8. Déjenme Pasar (Fernando Osorio)
  9. No volverá a ocurrir (Jesús Monarrez)
  10. Ven Y Enséñame (Fernando Osorio)

Reissued in 2004 to contain remixes of "Los Últimos Héroes" when the group reunited for a reunion tour of Puerto Rico.