Los 10+ Pedidos

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Los 10+ Pedidos
Los 10+ Pedidos.jpg
Starring (in Mexico) Gabriel Ramos "Gabo"
Habacuc Guzmán
Jazz — (in Argentina) Cecilia Peckaitis, Nicolás Artusi, Belén y Jerónimo — (in Colombia) None
Country of origin Argentina, Mexico, Colombia,
Location(s) Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogota
Running time 60 minutes
Original network MTV
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Los 10+ Pedidos (Pronounced as Los Diez Mas Pedidos [English: The 10 Most Requested]) is a television show broadcast on MTV in Latin America. It has the same concept as the U.S. MTV show Total Request Live in that it airs the ten most requested videos (voted for by viewers on the internet), and between the voted videos it shows other videos. It is believed to be one of the shows on MTVla with the highest ratings. Originally it was broadcast in an hour, then at the end of 2005 it was extended to ninety minutes, now it lasts one hour again.

Most of the shows has VJs, the most recognized of which were Carmen Arce and Gabo in México and Cecilia Peckaitis and Gerónimo Santángello in Argentina. The physical presentation of the show, which includes images, animations and sounds, has changed on repeated occasions. During a short period of time — August to November 2005 — some of the most requested videos were not transmitted completely; instead, short clips were aired so more videos could be shown.

In 2009, the show had a brief replacement called Tu Top which debuted the Monday following the rerun of 2008's Los 100+, the show suffered a mejor revamp during its absence and now there is only one 10+ for Latin America, with Gabo and Mecha hosting, the revamped show premiered April 20, 2009.


Los 10+ Pedidos Norte (TRL Mexico) is broadcast live from Mexico City and transmitted only to this country.

Los 10+ Pedidos Centro (TRL Centro Hispanic LatinAmerica) is broadcast live from Bogota to the following countries which are part of MTV Centro:

Los 10+ Pedidos Sur (TRL Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) is broadcast live from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Los 10+ Pedidos has had various VJs. The hosts for Mexico until 2008 were:

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